Chapter 502.3

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This is the real miso soup!
“Err, so, this katsuobushi is too hard to eat as it is, so it has to be shaved it into thin strips using this shaving machine.”

I put the dried katsuobushi on the shaving machine I bring along with me in my Inventory, and showed them how to shave them rhythmically with a swish, and Mariel-chan took notice.

“Wow, so that’s how you shave katsuobushi! I have never seen it before! Can I try shaving it too?”
“Yes, you can.”

After handing Mariel-chan the katsuobushi block and the shaving machine, I remembered that she is not a good cook.
I couldn’t point that out here, so I watched with bated breath and was secretly relieved when she started shaving the block smoothly.

“You are doing very good, Mariel-san.”
“I’m good at making things… I thought this might be an extension of that… oh, no, I mean…”

Oh, she was a cosplayer in a previous life and made everything from costumes to accessories herself, so she must be good with her hands.
I wonder why… only her cooking turns into dark matter?

“Mariel-san, that’s enough… these are katsuobushi shavings. Would you like to try?”

I took out the shavings from the shaver and showed them to the Headmaster and Pamela-san. The two of them plucked the katsuobushi nervously and put them in their mouths.

“… What is this? It’s like flimsy paper, but the umami spreads in your mouth…?”
“Oh my, indeed. I have never tasted anything like this before, but I think I might get addicted to it…”
“Kombu is not to be served as is. Soaking it in water will return it to its original state and also permeate the umami into the water.”

Hm, explaining dashi is so difficult.
As I was thinking about this, I heard a yell from the kitchen.

“Eh? What’s going on!?”

The head chef rushed in with a pot of miso soup in his hands to our bewildered selves.


“Young lady Ellisfeed-sama! Th, this, this is…!”

Don! The head chef put the pot on the table and kneeled down. Hieeh!?

“What I served you was truly a terrible, inferior product! Please forgive me!“

I, Mariel-chan and the others were shocked at the chef who was on his knees apologizing to me.
Only Kurogane and Mashiro, who did not know what was going on, were looking proud. Why are you guys looking so smug?

“No, I’m fine with it if you understand what I was trying to say. From now on, please make sure you follow the recipe to the letter, okay?”
“How… you are going to forgive me!? How kind you are, Ojousama!”
“E, everyone makes mistakes. I hope you will continue to cook delicious food for everyone.”
“Yes… yes! I will do my best for your sake, Young lady Ellisfeed!”

No, you don’t have to do it for me.
Do it for the customers, okay!?

“… Erm, for now, could you please serve the miso soup you just made to everyone? This is the real miso soup, after all.”
“Yes! Right away!”

The chef pulled up to the kitchen with the pot again, and soon the soup plates with the miso soup were replaced.

“This is…! I thought the last one was good, but now that I have tasted this, the difference is too obvious.”
“Yes, this one has more depth of flavor, and you can tell that… the previous one was unfinished.”

I was relieved to see that the Headmaster and Pamela-san were drinking it with relish.
Sei and Mariel-chan were also drinking normally this time, so they seemed to be okay.
I also sipped the miso soup. Yes, it is delicious. This is the true taste of miso soup.
The chef kindly provided Kurogane and Mashiro with a rice set meal as a service, so everyone enjoyed the rest of their lunch in harmony. Haah, I’m full!

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