Chapter 502.2

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This is the real miso soup!
“No, Headmaster. I am calm.”

The moment I smiled, Kurogane and Mashiro in their human forms warped behind me.


The head chef, perhaps startled by the sudden appearance of the two, let out a small scream and fell on his buttocks.

“A, are those… Sa, Sacred Beasts…!? Hii, hiyuu!? P, Please, spare my life!!”

Eh, spare his life? … Is this situation perhaps making me look like a villainess?
With two Sacred Beasts behind me, I might look like I’m trying to punish those I don’t like!?
Wait, I don’t want to change my class from “Repulsive food-eating lady” to “Villainess”!! No way—!
… Even though I say that, I can’t just let him continue serving an unfinished miso soup.

“My Lord, I brought it.”
“Thank you, Kurogane. Please put it down here.”

Kurogane brought a pot from the kitchen and put it on the table.

“Cristea, what about this?”
“Mashiro, thank you, too. Can you put that down as well?”

Mashiro smiled happily at me and put the package in his hands on the table.

“Ah! That’s…”

The head chef looked at the table and shouted.


“Yes. This is kombu and katsuobushi. They must be the same ones you saw at the Bastea Company.”
“Y, yes…”
“And the liquid in this pot is the broth made from them.”

After hearing my explanation, he somehow managed to get up from the table and peeked into the pot curiously, as is the nature of a chef.

“Head Chef, I will offer you this broth, so please try to make miso soup with it. Please don’t boil it, though.”
“Eh!? Ah, yes…”

The head chef looked at me in surprise, but then looked behind me at Kurogane and Mashiro, and got startled again.
Hey you two, you are not intimidating the head chef just because I can’t see behind me, are you!?
The head chef had a waiter bring the pot and staggered back to the kitchen.

“Cristea, did something happen?”
“Yeah, a little…”
“Miss Cristea, was that miso soup unfinished? This sheet and piece of wood… are those ingredients?”

The Headmaster was looking at the kombu and katsuobushi with great interest.

“Yes, this sheet-like thing is called kombu, which is dried seaweed that grows in the sea. And this piece of wood-looking thing is katsuobushi, which is made from dried fish.”

The dried fish is then sprayed with mold and dried in the sun to remove the moisture, but I won’t go into that.

“Hooh, I didn’t realize a fish like this existed…”
“Ah, it’s just that the processing has made it tougher. It’s a normal fish.”
“No, Miss Cristea. The Katsuo are weak, but they are a kind of monsters. Strong fishermen who specialize in Katsuo fishing catch them by the line, and they are immediately prepared on the spot.”
“Is that so!?”

Sei’s explanation surprised both Mariel-chan and me.
I didn’t know that. So there were… monsters called Katsuo in this world.
Thank goodness for the mighty fishermen of Yahatul…!

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