Chapter 502.1

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This is the real miso soup!
“H, how does it taste bad…?”

The head chef stared at me, shaking and trembling.
No need to be so frightened…

“You said you purchased my recipe, did you not? Have you ever made this miso soup exactly to the recipe?”

If you have ever made it according to the recipe, it would not taste like this.
The head chef gave a jerky look at my question.

“T, that is…”
“As I thought… something very important is missing in this miso soup.”
“So, something important!? Do you mean the miso, that is the most important, isn’t it? I went all the way to the Bastea Company to buy it, you know!?”
“Of course, this soup would not be complete without miso. But every dish must have some hidden protagonists, but I can’t feel their presence in this.”

The chef was astonished as Sei and Mariel-chan also silently affirmed my words.

“S, such a thing… was not written in the recipe, though!?”
“No, there must be some ingredients that were not used, even though they were mentioned in the recipe.”
“That’s… don’t tell me, that thing…?”

The head chef seemed to have an idea of what I was pointing out and staggered.

“Yes, you… have not used kombu and katsuobushi, right?”

Yes, there is no dashi used in this miso soup. It is just miso dissolved and cooked with others ingredients.
For first-timers, the broth from the vegetables may be tasty enough.
But it won’t fool the taste buds of Sei, who is from Yahatul, and Mariel-chan and I, who know the taste of real miso soup from our previous lives.

“Certainly… we did not use those things mentioned in the recipe. However, those from the Bastea Company showed us just a piece of wood and a blackened slab, you know!? The Bastea Company is out of their minds for presenting those things as ingredients! I hesitated to buy even miso from its appearance… ah, no, I mean…”


The chef noticed us glaring at him angrily while he explained why he didn’t buy it, and he stiffened.
It’s true that none of them look like ingredients, and it might have taken a lot of courage just to get the miso, but… how could we be out of our minds when the Bastea Company went to the trouble of purchasing it all the way from Yahatul to bring it to our Royal Capital? You are being rude!
If you can buy miso, you should also buy kombu and katsuobushi.
When I made my first purchase from the Bastea Company in our fief, I had heard that the ingredients were hard to sell, but judging from this reaction, it makes sense.
… I won’t be able to get through him without actually getting him to taste it, right?

(Mashiro, Kurogane. Can you hear me?)

I call out to them both telepathically.

(Yes, I can hear you~ What is it? Did something happen? Should I fly over?)
(My Lord, what is the matter?)

There was an immediate reply. They seemed to have decided that there was no danger because there was no urgency in my voice.

(Listen, there is something I need you to bring me. It’s in the kitchen…)

I requested them both, and they answered, (Roger that.) and we ended the telepathic conversation.
Meanwhile, the head chef was wobbling and shaking even more, probably because I had been silent.

“Miss Cristea, calm down a bit.”

The Headmaster seemed to have misunderstood that I had become mute in anger, and was about to get up from his seat with to calm me down.

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