Chapter 501.3

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Food tasting, food tasting!
… The waiters had left, but the head chef stayed for some reason.
This may mean that he won’t leave unless we eat and give him our impressions, or perhaps he is too anxious to leave.
We should give him our impressions and ask him to leave as soon as possible.

“Haha, right. Well, let’s eat it before it gets cold.”

At the Headmaster’s words, everyone began to eat.
I started with the rice.
The rice had a firm texture and the more I chewed it, the sweeter it became. It was delicious and seemed to be made exactly according to the recipe. Good.
The stir-fried meat and vegetables were also cooked as one would expect from a professional.
The heat was just right, the vegetables were sweet, and the meat was juicy without being overcooked and dry. Yes, this is delicious.
Finally, I took a spoonful of miso soup. Hmm, it feels strange.
After all, miso soup should be served from a bowl, right?
I put the miso soup in my mouth, thinking that I should at least ask them to serve it in a soup cup.
… N? Huh?
Something… is not right.
The Headmaster and Pamela-san have never eaten it before, so they described it as an unusual taste, and they didn’t seem particularly displeased with it.
But when I looked at Sei and Mariel-chan, their expressions were quite… complex?

“Ah… umm, how is it?”

The head chef asked fearfully.

“Mhm, it has an interesting flavor,”
“Yes, this rice has an interesting texture.”


The headmaster and Pamela-san didn’t really seem to think it’s bad because they answered with smiles on their faces.

“Thank you very much! And so, umm, Miss Ellisfeed, what do you think…?”

The head chef was probably concerned because our reaction wasn’t that good.
It would be easy to say it’s delicious here, but as the one who marketed the recipe has a responsibility. What needs to be said needs to be said.

“Um, the rice and the stir-friend meat and vegetables are delicious. However…”
“W, what is it?”
“The miso soup is bad.”
“… Eh!?”

Sei and Mariel-chan nodded in agreement to my words, and the head chef, the Headmaster and Pamela-san were surprised for some reason.
Because, you know, bad food is bad food.
We must investigate the cause and correct it!

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