Chapter 501.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Food tasting, food tasting!
“The purpose of going through the Guild is to prevent the magic tool craftsmen from being disadvantaged in the distribution of rights and profits. Some craftsmen are not interested in business. The Guild was founded to protect them and to cooperate with the Merchant’s Guilds so that good craftsmen would not be bought up by those who do not understand the value of their tools.”

Certainly, that’s how it is with profession nerds.

“It is a rule to put the name of the person registered with the Guild on every magic tool when selling their magic tools to customers. This is in case there is a problem later on. However, if you are skilled enough to make a living as a craftsman on your own, the meaning of the name will be to increase the value of the magic tool, rather than to avoid trouble.”
“Is that so?

… So that magic tool craftsman was a pretty amazing guy, huh?
I was told by Uncle Galvano and Tirie-san that he was a skilled but magic tool-mad maniac and that I should stay away from him.
After that, while we were talking about general education classes and future course selections, the head chef arrived with the waiters in tow.

“I apologize for the wait! I hope this is to everyone’s taste…”

While the nervous-looking chef was greeting the guests, the waiters were serving the trays of food ordered by the guests to their respective seats with fluid movements.
Oh, the Headmaster and Pamela-san also ordered a rice set?

“I hear that Miss Cristea spread the word about this rice and such?”

After the pre-meal prayer, the Headmaster picked up a spoon.
Chopsticks have not penetrated the market yet, so it looks like they eat rice on a flat plate, miso soup… on a soup plate, and also using a spoon to eat it. Ugh, I can’t shake the feeling of discomfort.


“Yes. You heard about it?”
“Your father ate it himself at the royal court to prove that it was safe. Nowadays, it is welcomed by the commoners because it is inexpensive and easy to eat.”

Oh, is that the time when he ate the rice ball lunch box that I gave him when he went to work, boasting to his subordinates that it was a dish full of love that his beloved daughter made for him…?
Or maybe when he ordered the cooks to reproduce the food I made here (at his residence in the royal capital), and because of the repeated trials, the servants were forced to eat rice as well…?
I remember when Otousama told me about it, I smiled and said, “Oh my, Otousama, that’s embarrassing,” but in my heart I said, “What are you doing, Otousama!?” with anguish…
I replied to the Headmaster with a nonchalant, “How embarrassing”.

“I heard that there was a proposal to introduce it in the dormitory meals, but it didn’t seem to go through. But it seems that this idea has not been realized due to opposition from the children of the nobility.”
“Oh my…”

That’s right. The menu was created by a person who was rumored to be a “Repulsive food eating lady,” and the rumor-mongers would not want to eat it.

“If it becomes popular here, things may change again, though.”

When Pamela-san said this with a smile, the head chef, who was standing by her side, looked even firmer and tightened his grip on the cook’s hat in his hand.

“T, that’s a serious responsibility, isn’t it…”

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