Chapter 503.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Accompanied by the Sacred Beasts!?
Oh, I was almost fooled.
Mashiro is not to be underestimated, even though he has a cute face, he says a lot of dangerous things.
I’ll have to ask him where he learns such words from next time.
In the meantime, I arrived at the classroom.
I tried to persuade them to go back to the dorm again, but neither of them backed down, so I gave up and opened the classroom door.
As soon as we entered, everyone in the classroom stopped chattering and there was an instant silence.
While many of the students got stunned or froze in surprise, Adry-sama got up from his seat with a clatter and rushed over to us.

“Eh, the real Sacred Beasts!? Yay, you really brought them with you? Thanks!”

When Adry-sama came close to us, Kurogane and Mashiro stood in front of me and glared at Adry-sama.

“What do you want from My Lord?”
“Don’t you dare approach Cristea so easily!”

Adry-sama stopped in his tracks at their words, walked slowly in front of them, stood up straight, put his hand on his left chest, and bowed reverently. It is a common greeting for knights.

“Greetings to you, Miss Cristea’s Sacred Beasts. I(ore)… no, I(watashi) am Adrian Nelson. I am an admirer of you, the Sacred Beasts.”

Oh, I thought he had a messy personality from his rough demeanor, but as a knight, he could greet properly.
He is the son of a knight commander, so he must have strict etiquette, after all.

“Hmph, you have business with us, not with My Lord?”
“I don’t have any business with you, though?”

Mashiro, don’t be that way to someone who has just greeted you politely.

“Mashiro, that’s rude. Adria-sama, please excuse him.”
“… I’m sorry.”


I apologized, and Mashiro apologized immediately after, looking crestfallen.
Yes, it’s admirable that you can apologize properly, Mashiro.

“N, no, I’m sorry for approaching you in such a friendly manner. It’s natural to be wary.”
“No, Adrian-sama, you are my classmate…”
“Is he your friend, Cristea?”

Err, when asked that question, I would answer that we are not so much friends… we just became classmates, after all. I would say he’s an acquaintance.

“Yes! Me, Miss Cristea and her friends just became friends! Miss Cristea and both Sacred Beasts can just call me Adry by all means!”

Adry-sama replied with a smile that was just bursting to life.
What? We are already friends in your mind?
Isn’t he closing the distance between us too fast?
Oh, how I admire Adry-sama’s strong mentality and communicative power…!
What a frightening friend-making power…!

“Well, I understand that My Lord and you, the one called Adry, are classmates. So, what do you want from us?”

Hearing Kurogane’s words, Adry-sama spoke with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Um, what do I have to do to make a contract with a Sacred Beast!?”

I couldn’t help but look away as Kurogane and Mashiro glanced in my direction at Lady Adry-sama’s question.
… Umm, cooking delicious food and being the next Emperor candidate…?
The circumstances of our contract are too subtle to explain… Sei and I couldn’t help but exchange glances.
Kurogane, you wouldn’t say anything strange, would you?

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