Chapter 504.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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To contract a Sacred Beast.
“If you want to make a contract with us, give it up. Besides, have you forgotten that you were warned by the Headmaster of this academy earlier?”

Kurogane looked down at Adry-sama with a cold eyes and responded in a low voice.
Although I wouldn’t call it coercion, let’s stop this atmosphere that would make normal pipsqueaks cry, okay?

“Eh, ah! T, that’s not it! I mean, if I ever have the chance to meet a Sacred Beast in the future, I would like to know if there are any conditions for a successful contract!”

Adry-sama hurriedly explained, but in the first place, there are very few chances to meet a Sacred Beast.
Sei has his circumstances, and I was scouted(?) by Byakko-sama.
The two of them just happened to come to the academy by chance, so it’s almost a miracle that you can even see them, because the chances of seeing a Sacred Beast are originally so low.
And even if we talk about conditions to form a contract, it isn’t something simple as “Being able to cook delicious meals”.
… Right?
When I look at them, Kurogane’s wariness that I saw earlier was gone, but the cold stare seemed unchanged.

“The meeting of us, the Sacred Beasts and our Lords, is not a coincidence, but a fate. There are no rules for reaching a contract, either. All things build up to our meeting.”

Eh, is that so?
Wasn’t Kurogane just following Byakko-sama?
Wasn’t it a pushover contract, so to speak?
Did Kurogane beautify that it was a fateful encounter and that it was inevitable that we made a contract?
While I doubt Kurogane’s falsified memory theory, if it became known that he decided to sign the contract because of the meal I made, I might be maliciously ridiculed with something like, “The repulsive food eating young lady made the Sacred Beast eat something strange to make him give in and sign the contract.”
Considering this, I felt that Kurogane’s answer was a safe one, so I kept silent, saying nothing more than I had to.
I don’t mind that Sei glanced at me. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t.

“… Mhm, mhm, and so?”

I was startled by a voice from behind me and turned around to see Teacher Neil standing there with a note in his hand.

“Teacher Neil!?”
“N? Don’t mind me and continue your conversation. This subject is of great interest to me!”

Now, go ahead? He urged for us to continue.
It was our fault for standing around talking at the beginning of the school day, but what about the teacher who tolerates it?
While everyone was stunned, Teacher Marlen, who was standing behind Teacher Neil, smacked him on the head with his cane.


“Geez, this guy… now, now, everyone quickly go to your seats.”

Everyone got seated in a rush at the words of Teacher Marlen.
I remained there to ask permission for Kurogane and Mashiro to observe.

“Teacher Neil, Teacher Marlen… Kurogane and Mashiro would like to observe the lesson, could I get your permission?”
“Of course! They can come every single da… ow!?”

Teacher Neil replied with glee, and again Teacher Marlen’s cane hit him directly on the head.

“You never learn, do you? Kurogane-dono, Mashiro-dono. You may stay, but this is a place of learning. If it interferes with the children’s schoolwork, I might ask you to leave.”
“Naturally. We have no intention of interfering with Lord’s studies.”
“Yup, that’s fine~”

No, you are already disturbing at this very moment.
Ugh, I feel sorry for disturbing the students since I entered the academy.

“I will give you my permission then.”
“Many thanks.”

Ah, permission has been officially granted.
Teacher Marlen says this and that, but he’s very spoiling to the two, since he has always admired the Sacred Beasts.

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