Chapter 504.2

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To contract a Sacred Beast.
“We may have some questions for you during the lesson, is that all right with you?”
“As long as we can answer them.”
“That’s enough. Then please take your seats.”

Teacher Marlen placed chairs from his inventory near the wall close to the podium and had them sit down.
The students looked at him and exclaimed things like, “Eh, is that the inventory!?” and “Wow!”.
Is inventory really such a rare magic after all?
Mariel-chan and I looked at each other and nodded to each other with eye contact, “We should keep it a secret that we can use it.”
Well, I want to show everyone the story of the cat-shaped robot from the future. Then everyone can learn inventory all they want, I’m sure…

“All right, everybody be quiet! We’re going to be observing some of the specialized courses this afternoon.”

Teacher Neil placed a map of the academy on the blackboard.

“In the morning we discussed the courses that would be suitable for each of you, but in the afternoon you will actually visit each course and decide if it’s the right fit for you. First, move over here to…”

According to Teacher Neil’s explanation, we will observe courses related to skills and professions, such as the magic tools course, the nobility course, and the housekeeping courses for butlers, maids, and other functional and technical courses.
After the explanation of the observation route, everyone was made to stand up, and Teacher Neil led the group out.

“I’m sorry, but would Miss Cristea please follow at the back of the line with the Sacred Beasts? I don’t want to distract that fella’s, Neil’s attention. I’ll be with you, so if you have any questions, you can ask me directly.”
“Teacher Marlen, that’s rude!”
“That’s all right, why don’t you go on? I’m here for you in times like this.”

With a shooing motion, Teacher Marlen chased Teacher Neil away.
It was a bit cruel, but I guess Teacher Neil had been like this for a long time.
The students began to move under Teacher Neil’s leadership.
As we were walking at the end of the line of students, Ronnie-sama was slowly moving backward from the front.
He was walking slowly on purpose, glancing back and forth.
It was obviously for Teacher Marlen’s sake.
Finally, Ronnie-sama stopped right in front of us.

“Now, you are going to be late. Quickly move on.”

As Teacher Marlen warned Ronnie-sama, Ronnie-sama approached him… and matched Teacher Marlen’s steps.

“Teacher Marlen. I couldn’t tell you earlier, but ever since I read your book ‘The Transition of Magic Tools,’ I’ve dreamed of one day being under your guidance. It’s an honor to meet you like this!”

I can’t quite make out his eyes through his bottle-bottom glasses, but I’m sure they are sparkling.

“Oh, you’re reading that at your age, that’s interesting.”

Teacher Marlen’s face broke into a smile in front of a reader of his book.

“It’s my dream to bring into the world wonderful magic tools like those of Teacher Marlen. I heard that Mr. Owen, a graduate of the academy and a first-rate mage tool craftsman, was also a student of Teacher Marlen’s. Is that true?”
“N? Oh…… that fella, yeah, well, I guess so.”
“Great! I knew I was in good hands with Teacher Marlen…!”

The two are in stark contrast: Ronnie-sama clenched his fist in anticipation, while Teacher Marlen looked a little reluctant.
It is not a secret that Mr. Owen, the “magic tool madman,” is Teacher Marlen’s apprentice, but perhaps it is something he does not want to make too public.

“I am wondering if you know where Mr. Owen is now, Teacher Marlen? I would love to meet him.”
“He’s at… um, I wonder where he is now?”

Teacher Marlen glanced at me, but gave a small shake of his head.
If Ronnie-sama found out that Mr. Owen was in the Ellisfeed territory, he might not only stare at me, but he might even hold a grudge against me.

“I see… If you find out, please let me know!”

I won’t be tormented as long as I don’t let Ronnie-sama find out.
I quietly moved away from Ronnie-sama and followed the others.

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