Chapter 505.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s go on a tour!
“We’ll start our tour with the Housekeeping course.”

Upon arriving at the training building, Teacher Neil opened the door to a room just in front of the entrance.
He led the way into the spacious room, which was as large as a dance hall, with several reception rooms and snack bar-like corners, one of which was currently being used for practical training.

“Teacher Oliver, can we intrude?”

An older man in a butler’s uniform turned to him.

“Teacher Neil. Oh, are you on a tour? Welcome.”

Eh, he’s a teacher, but he’s dressed as a butler?
… Mariel-chan, next to me went, “Fuooh… a handsome older butler…! What a treat…!” Oi, stop worshiping him while mumbling to yourself and covering your mouth, okay?

“Teacher Oliver is a veteran with a long career as a butler at the Royal palace. After his retirement, he has been working as a mentor and helping to train the next generations.”
“Oh stop it, I am very grateful that even an old man like me can still be of service. I will train you, youngsters, well so that you will not be embarrassed when you go out into the world.”

Dressed neatly in his butler’s uniform and smiling softly, Teacher Oliver was truly a handsome elderly man who must have been quite the hunk in his younger days. I can understand why Mariel-chan would want to worship him.
Behind Teacher Oliver stood a group of senior students with good postures.
They were smiling just like Teacher Oliver, but if you looked closely, you could see that they seemed to be a little twitchy at his words.
At first glance, Teacher Oliver seemed kind, but he may be a stern elderly man.

“He is teaching the knowledge and manners required for those who wish to work in a noble’s house, such as butlers and maids.”

When Teacher Oliver raised his hand, the students all gave a beautiful bow in unison.


“They will graduate next year, and most of them have already found jobs after graduation. So if you see someone you like, please don’t try to recruit them.”

Teacher Oliver laughed jokingly.
The special class… was full of nobles and kids from big store merchant associations, and I’m sure that has happened in the past, so I guess he just wanted to put an end to our thoughts before they even manifested.
After that, we watched for a while as Teacher Oliver conducted practical training for the students who played the role of nobles and servants, and then left the room.
Teacher Oliver was giving detailed instructions on how to handle the tea utensils and even the angle at which to serve them.
This explains why the level of our family’s servants is so high.
I realized how many of the movements that I normally do without thinking were being calculated…
Next time I go back to the mansion, I will have to appreciate everyone’s hard work more.
Of course, I have to go back to the dorm and tell Miria thank you first, right?

“We will end today with the magic tool course.”

After visiting various courses, he was brought us to the last one, the magic tools course.
Hearing this, Ronnie-sama left Teacher Maren’s side and ran to the front of the line.

“Now, even if you don’t run, the magic tools won’t run away from you.”

Teacher Marlen seemed a little relieved when he said that.
He has been bombarded with questions the whole time we have been on the road.
I was also a little interested in the magic tools, so I moved forward to get a better look at them.
Mariel-chan, who was moving with me, was also looking at the room with interest.

“Mariel-san, are you interested in magic tools too?”
“Yes, well… rather than being interested in the magic tools themselves, I was wondering whether there are any ideas lying around that could lead to business opportunities, or that could become a hit product.”
“I, I see…”

Her business spirit is strong!
The laboratory of the magic tool course was a room with an atmosphere that could be appropriately called a “Den.”
Even though all kinds of materials were randomly placed in the room, and it looked messy, the students of the magic tools course were pulling out the materials they wanted from around and returning to their seats, resuming making magic tools.

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