Chapter 505.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s go on a tour!
“In the magic tool course, you learn a way of constructing a formula called a magic circuit until you can actually use it in a magic tool. Ah, Teacher Rodney.”

Teacher Neil, who was scurrying around the lab, seemed to have found the person he was looking for and called out to the person teaching the students while waving his hand.

“N… ahh, Teacher Neil. What’s the matter?”

I think Teacher Neil is generally not one to care about his appearance, and the same apparently goes for the teacher called Rodney, who came over to us scratching his unkempt head.
Alicia-sama and others girls quickly backed away as if overwhelmed by his messy appearance.
It’s not like I don’t understand how they feel, but… professional nerds are mostly like that, you know?
Teacher Neil is like that, too.
… I’m scared for myself, who is getting used to weirdos.

“I told you in advance that we were going to have some special class kids come in today to observe, didn’t I?”
“A, ahhh~! That’s right. Sorry, sorry. I totally forgot.”

Teacher Neil got his back clapped by Teacher Rodney and let out “Ouch!”. The two seem to be getting along well.

“Well now, Rodney. You can’t attract the best students the way you are.”

When Teacher Marlen warned him, Teacher Rodney rushed over with a happy look on his face.

“Teacher Marlen! You are just in time, I have a question about this circuit…”

Teacher Marlen stopped him as he was about to show him a piece of paper in his hand, on which he had drawn what appeared to be a magic circuit.

“You’re in charge here now, you idjit. You figure it out for yourself.”
“Even if I’m in charge, you’re still my mentor, you know?”
“That’s not the point. Geez, why is it that only the most worrisome of my disciples, like you and Neil, remained in the academy?”

Teacher Marlen sighed as he stroked his beard, and Teacher Neil joined the conversation with a smile on his face.


“Well, isn’t that because we are all Teacher Marlen’s disciples?… Ow!”

Teacher Neil, you have a lot of one-liners… How many times do you have to be hit with a cane before you learn your lesson?
Teacher Marlen noticed the blank stares from the special class students and coughed deliberately.

“Let me, your predecessor, explain it to you instead. Many of the magical tools developed in this course are now in use not only within the Kingdom, but also abroad. They range from monster-preventing barrier stones to magic stoves and ovens, but none of them are difficult to realize if one has the imagination and the passion to give a form to them. That is what a magic tool is.”

Teacher Rodney nodded his head in agreement with Teacher Marlen words, and next to him, Ronnie-sama’s movements were synchronized as well.
… Huh? Don’t these two look somewhat alike?

“Oh? I believe I heard that Rodney’s nephew has enrolled this year, is that…”

Teacher Marlen seemed to have noticed this too, and looked at the two of them closely.

“Ah, that’s correct. Ronnie is my nephew. My goodness, it really feels like I’m getting old!”

Teacher Rodney laughed and patted him on the head, and Ronnie-sama made a face of utter disgust and brushed him off with his hand.

“Stop it, Ojisan.”
“Oioi, you have to call me Teacher Rodney here, you know,”
“Shuddup. My only teacher is Teacher Marlen.”
“It’s not like I don’t understand your feelings, but I will be your teacher if you enter the magic tool course. Ha, ha, ha.”
“… I get it, Teacher (old man).”
“… Why did I suddenly feel bad vibes?”
“Isn’t that just your imagination?”

Ronnie-sama was appropriately adorable for his age when he replied so sulkily.
So Ronnie-sama’s uncle is the teacher of the magic tool course, huh… I don’t know what to think… I guess the love for magic tools must run in their veins.
I’m interested in the magic tool course too, but I’m not sure if I should choose it or not.
By the way, Mariel-chan who stood next to me was muttering, “A magic tool lesson between an unkempt, nonchalant uncle and a cheeky nephew… yep, that’s hot…” with a serious-looking face, but let’s stop that, okay?

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