Chapter 506.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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After school invitation.
After the tour of the magic tools course, today’s tour was over, so everyone returned to the classroom.

“Tomorrow morning is general education time, so those students who are exempted can study on their own during that time. You don’t have to stay in this classroom, but you can study in your room, the library, or wherever you like. And in the afternoon, we will go over the advanced course in magic, the Knight course, and finally the major course in Monsterology.”

As Teacher Neil wrote out tomorrow’s schedule on the blackboard, one of the students raised his hand.

“Teacher, are we not going to observe the Nobility course?”
“I don’t think it’s particularly necessary since it looks like the entire class will be taking the Nobility course… do you want to go?”

Since most of the students in the special class were children of nobles or merchants of big companies, I don’t think there is a reason not to visit, since the Nobility course is mandatory to learn this and that about nobility, including the manners of nobles.
I think it is human nature to want to see what the atmosphere is like beforehand, don’t you think?
Everyone nodded their heads silently, as if they thought so too.

“I see~ Then let’s take a quick look at it first and then go around the other courses.”

Teacher Neil briskly added the course on the blackboard, but is it really okay to include it that simply?

“Now, Neil. You haven’t applied for the observation yet, so don’t be adding it so nonchalantly. At least ask them first. Ice Rock.”

Teacher Marlen, who was out of reach of his wand, activated his ice magic and dropped a fist-sized block of ice on Teacher Neil’s head.


“Ow! Eh, it’s cold!!”

The ice hit Teacher Neil directly on the head, and as it slid down the back of his head, it shattered and went into the collar of his shirt.
Teacher Neil’s body twisting and turning due to the cold ice was like watching a comedy show, and everyone was trembling as if they were trying to contain their laughter.

“Laugh while you can. If I can’t stand the sight of you, I’ll do the same to you. Of course, if you are able to avoid it, you can.”

… Teacher Marlen, you’re being unreasonable.
Avoiding spells that activate with omitted chanting would be extremely difficult for students who are still new to magic, you know…?
You have to counter it with either with similar omitted chanting or chantless magic at about the same time for it to be able to activate it in time.
I can activate it without chanting, and even on the spur of the moment, I can manage it by deploying a small barrier, though…
Sure enough, the other students are saying, “Eh, you can’t avoid something like that”.

“Don’t worry, as long as you are diligent in your studies, there is nothing to worry about.”

While the students looked at Teacher Marlen with a serious face as he laughed, “Teacher Marlen, you are terrible~ Ugh, it’s so cold!” Teacher Neil was flapping the hem of his shirt to remove the ice from his back.
Teacher Neil then sent a letter on the spot asking if we could visit via magic, and the day ended when we were able to schedule a visit to the Nobility course.

“Lord, is that all for today?”
“Cristea, let’s go back to the dormitory together~!”

The two who had been quietly observing the lesson quickly approached and stood on either side of me, Kurogane took my luggage under his arm and Mashiro took my hand.
S, so quick.
I finished early today, so I would like to enjoy after-school a little more.
But I don’t want to stay in the classroom and get tangled up with someone again… right.

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