Chapter 506.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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After school invitation.
“Mariel-san, it’s still early for dinner, would you like to have tea while we study in the special dorm?”
“I want! I will go! Please!”

Mariel-chan responded to my invitation with a raised hand.

“Sei, would you like to join us, too?”
“Why not. I would like to join you.”

When the plan was settled, we started to move and saw Alicia-sama walking alone in front of us.

“Oh, it’s Alicia-sama. It seems that all of her cronies are in class A or B.”

Mariel-chan whispered in my ear.
Ah, so that’s why she was alone in the classroom.
Even so, she was looking forward with a resolute attitude.
Alicia-sama must have been feeling a bit discouraged, but it was amazing that she didn’t show it.
If it were me, I would be in the corner, trying to blend in with my surroundings and not stand out.
… I’m a mob at heart.
If she didn’t hate me, I would invite her to tea and make friends with her… but even though it was a misunderstanding, I wouldn’t have the courage to talk to someone who was being so hostile.
“I refuse!” I think she would refuse my simply like that…

“Yo, Sei! Are you returning to the dorm already?”

Behind us, Adry-sama rushed over.

“Adry. Yeah, that’s the plan.”

Oh? They call each other without honorifics already?
It may be also because Adry-sama is a friendly guy for a noble, but boys can get along easily at times like this, can’t they? I envy them.

“I wanted to talk to you about the Knight course we are going to visit tomorrow. Do you have time now?”


Sei looked happy for a moment at Adry-sama’s invitation, but then he immediately remembered his promise to us and answered with a troubled look.

“Sorry, I already have a prior engagement…”
“Eh, you are going back to your dorm, aren’t you?”

Adry-sama drew closer to him, uttering, “It can’t be, right!?”.
Adry-sama’s pressure was strong. He’s too bright.
… Mariel-chan, stop whispering things like, “A mischievous knight apprentice and a beauty tamer… my, oh my, hmm.” next to me! Stop including our acquaintances in your delusions!
I’m going to give you an ice block just like Teacher Marlen did, you know? I can do it chantless, so you won’t have a chance to dodge it, you know?
I poked Mariel-chan with my elbow, and she seemed to come to her senses and looked at me and laughed ehehe…
Good grief, this girl.

“Adry-sama, we were just talking about having tea in the special dormitory. Would you like to join us?”
“Miss Cristea… is that okay?”

Sei looked at me with bewilderment.

“Yes. It would be only for a short time before the dinner, though.”

I felt like I was adding fuel to Mariel-chan’s delusions, but I also wanted to help expand Sei’s friendships. But I didn’t feel comfortable letting Sei, who has no knowledge of the nobility of the Doristan Kingdom, alone with Adry-sama.
I felt that it was still too early to allow Adry-sama in the special dormitory, but since Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama will be present there, it would be safe even if something were to happen.

“Alright. Then, I will be intruding! Alright Sei, let’s go quickly!”
“You are not allowed to run in the hallway.”
“Tcheh, don’t be so stiff.”

I watched with a smile as Sei and Adry-sama headed for the dormitory, talking happily, while Mariel-chan and I followed them from behind.
… Mariel-chan, I know you are trying to be careful not to be noticed by me, but the benevolent look in your eyes that gazes at the two of you speaks eloquently about a lot of things, doesn’t it?
Sometimes, “Gufufu…” even escapes from your mouth.
I can see right through you, even if the rest of them don’t notice, okay!?
… Mariel-chan’s karma seems to run deep.

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