Chapter 507.1

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I, it’s a misunderstandiiing!
When we arrived at the special dormitory, I showed Mariel-chan and Adry-sama to the lounge, where we relaxed on the sofa after I asked Miria, who had come down to greet us, to prepare some tea.
“Heeh~ I wondered what the inside of the special dormitory was like.”

Adry-sama was looking around the inside of the dormitory with a curious look on his face.
The fact of the matter is that I and Sei were forced into the special dormitory as soon as we arrived at the academy, so I don’t understand what’s so unusual about it, since I don’t even understand the difference between the boys’ dormitory and the girls’ dormitory.

“Even though it’s called a special dormitory, it is a dormitory as any other, so there shouldn’t be any big difference, right?”

Sei seemed to think the same thing and questioned Adry-sama.

“No, not at all!? First of all, there was a mirror installed at the entrance. It’s not just a mirror, is it?”
“Oh, that’s a device that allows us to see what’s going on outside, isn’t it?”

Oh yeah, it has a monitor function, like an intercom in my previous life.

“I thought so. We don’t have anything like that in the boys’ dormitory. Besides, my senior said that when he explored the perimeter of the building to get a glimpse of the Sacred Beasts, he had no idea what was going on inside because it looked like a barrier spell had been deployed over it.”
“We were told that the barrier was done separately on the grounds and in the building to prevent intruders from entering from anywhere other than the entrances and exits. In addition, each room can only be accessed by those who have registered their magic power.”
“Ueh~ that’s really strict.”
“I heard there are other tricks to protect the Sacred Beasts and contractors, but I don’t know the details.”
“As long as you are with the Sacred Beasts, you are safe anywhere, no?”

That’s true. We are basically overpowered when the four Sacred Beasts are with us.
I would rather have a magic tool to keep offenders from running amok, though.

“You could say that about me and Miss Cristea, but not all Sacred Beasts and Magic Beasts specialize in combat.”
“Ah~ that’s true!”


Yes, not all Sacred and Magic Beasts are good at fighting, you know.
The Timid Monkey of Teacher Neil is also a very timid monster that specializes in searching and vigilance.
When the conversation was getting exciting, Miria came into the lounge, pushing a wagon.
Following her came… Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama!?

“Wow, Sei’s Sacred Beasts!?”

Just as he was getting used to Kurogane and Mashiro being in the same room, the introduction of the new Sacred Beasts made Adry-sama’s excitement go up a notch.

“Oh, who are you? Certainly a new face.”
“Oh my, are you a school friend of our Lord?”
“Y, yes! I’m Sei’s friend, Adrian Nelson!”

Giving a sidelong glance to Ady-sama, who hurriedly greeted the Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama with a knight’s bow, Byakko-sama sat down next to Sei with a thud.
Suzaku-sama looked at me but because I was guarded firmly by Mashiro and Kurogane, she sat down next to Mariel-chan after raising one eyebrow.

“Are you a friend of Cristea-sama’s…?”
“Ish Ma, Mamamariel! Hawawawa, a beauty sat down next to me…!? T, too close!!”

Mariel-chan suddenly had her chin lifted by Suzaku-sama and turned bright red.

“Fufu, what a lovely young lady. You would look great in a kimono as well.”
“Hieh!? S, such a peerless skin… that doesn’t need any make-up… is she a goddess…!? No, she was a Sacred Beast!!”

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