Chapter 507.2

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I, it’s a misunderstandiiing!
Mariel-chan, calm down.
Suzaku-sama, I know you are having fun, but please stop teasing her.
When I sent her a glance, Suzaku-sama winked at me and put her hand down, acting as if her prank had been found out.

“Sniff… what a nice shmell… thanksh you berry mush…”

Mariel-chan, I understand you are in turmoil, but your mind is talking out loud, so let’s calm down a bit, okay!?

“Hey, Ojou. I haven’t had lunch and I’m starving. Give me something to eat!”

Byakko-sama, not caring that Adry-sama was there, was making his usual gestures, so Sei, as usual, took out his iron fan and said, “I told you to stop demanding stuff from people! (Bang!)” and slapped him.


Adry-sama, who witnessed it, was absolutely mortified.
Of course, it’s surprising, isn’t it, a contractor who hits their contracted Sacred Beast…

“Se, Sese, Sei, y, you… is it alright to do that!?”

Adry-sama, who seemed to be unperturbed by most things, was restless.

“Who will, if I, their Lord, don’t discipline the contracted Sacred Beasts?”

Well, I’m used to providing food and snacks, but Sei seems to feel a sense of guilt.
I don’t have to worry about it anymore because he pays me back with help and labor.
We are the only two special dorm housemates, so we need to help each other out.

“… Co?”
“Cool~! Sei, you are seriously cool~!”


Adry-sama looked at Sei with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Wha—? Eh?”
“I mean, isn’t that amazing! I have never thought that Sacred Beasts needed to be disciplined!”
“I, is that so…?”

Sei retreated in front of the overly enthusiastic Adry-sama.

“Of course! I see… so that’s what being a Sacred Beast contractor is all about.”

Wait a minute!? Don’t assume that all Sacred Beasts contractors are like that, okay!?

“So Miss Cristea is like that, too? Amazing!”
“No, I’m…”
“Umu. My Lord is very strict when we make a mistake.”
“Wha…!? Kurogane!?”
“Yup. That’s why we always try to listen to what Cristea says~”
“Mashiro!? What are you guys sa…”
“Indeed, Ojou is terrifying when she gets angry, ya know?”
“Yes, the last punishment was very bitter…”
“Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama, too!?”

Heeeeey! Wait!?
You guys are talking about not giving you a meal or snacks, right!?

“A… amazing~! Miss Cristea, you managed to tame Sei’s contracted Sacred Beasts, too!? Incredible!”

Hieeeh, I was targeted by Adry-sama’s sparkling eyes!?

“Wha, no, you are wrong! I, I did not discipline anyone—!”

Sei, Mariel-chan, stop holding back your laughter and help me! Please undo this misunderstandiiiing!!

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