Chapter 483.2

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Come on, let’s get out of here—!
Oh, no~ It’s true that it’s forbidden to touch them, but that doesn’t mean it’s forbidden to go see them.
They might have just seen the Sacred Beasts at the training grounds and are still excited, so they are probably wandering around thinking that if they could see it again, even from a distance…
In the midst of all this, I can only foresee the students walking to the main gate and waiting for the carriages to arrive… and then, the students to follow them.

“… I will take your word for it and intrude.”
“Oh my, thank you for your concern.”
“No, we are just passing through the merchant district anyway. Come on, let’s go.”

When Oniisama opened the door, Teacher Neil was there.

“Oh, are you leaving now?”
“Yes. Please take care of the rest.”
“Hah~… I’d like to go with you if I could… well, they can’t break into the special dormitory, so don’t worry. Take care and go.”

When Teacher Neil stepped aside, our family carriage was waiting, and around it, students who seemed to be new students were taking glances at us.
They were all in simple uniforms, so they were probably commoners or merchants’ children.

“Well, Tea, hurry up and get in.”

Kurogane and Mashiro followed me, keeping a wary eye on the surroundings, as Oniisama held my shoulders and quickly made his way to the carriage.
Then, although they didn’t even make a sound, the students around them began to stare at us with shining eyes.
From somewhere, they were saying things like, “Wow, they are real…” and “How can those two be Sacred Beasts? They are no different from humans, aren’t they?”
Hmm… I guess they were just curious onlookers, but it was a good thing I asked for permission to go out, considering that this kind of thing would be flooding in for the weekend.
I was about to put my foot on the step of the carriage when one of the students stepped forward.


A moment later, Kurogane and Mashiro stood protectively before me, intimidating the student.

“What business do you have with my Lord?”
“Don’t approach Cristea so familiarly.”

The student who was intimidated fell on their buttocks and began to shake.

“Kurogane, Mashiro! Stop it!”

I stopped them, and they stopped the intimidation.

“That student over there. Have you not heard the Headmaster’s warning?”

Teacher Neil put his hand under the arm of the student who had fallen on his butt and helped him stand up.


“Uh… umm, err, I… I was asked to hand this…”

With trembling hands, he held out an envelope.

“Ah~… sorry, but I will have to confiscate this. Tell your client it’s by order of the Headmaster.”

Teacher Neil snatched the envelope out of the student’s hand and shoved it into his shoulder bag.

“Eh! Umm, that would be troubling!”

The student hurriedly reached out to take it back, but Teacher Neil pressed his index finger to the student’s forehead.

“… It’s really annoying when you do this, you know? In any case, this is an order from the academy’s Headmaster. Tell them to be aware that we will be censoring what’s inside under Headmaster’s authority.”
“Hah… okay.”

From my position, I couldn’t see Teacher Neil’s front, but I’m pretty sure he did something because the student in question turned pale quickly.
What the hell did he do…
The teacher poked the student’s forehead with his finger and said, “Come on, everyone, scatter! If you don’t hurry, I will report you to Mrs. Dora and make you skip dinner!” he shouted, and the rest of the students scattered away, towards the dormitory with “Geh” on their faces.
That worked surprisingly well.

“Haah… that’s really troubling. Come on, you guys should get going.”

Teacher Neil turned to us and smiled, as usual, encouraging us to leave.

“Yes, we will leave the rest to you then, Teacher Neil.”

When Oniisama smiled and said so, Teacher Neil pounded his chest with his fist.

“I will do my best for the Sacred Beast! See ya~”

The carriage we were riding in drove off towards the main gate, with Teacher Neil waving us off with a fluttering wave.

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