Chapter 484.1

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Promptly returning home.
After passing through the gates of the academy, we were able to move at a leisurely pace without worrying about being seen.
All the way from the time I left the dormitory to the time I left the gate, I was getting a lot of stares from students and staff…
Sometimes they would say, “Oh! It’s the Sacred Beasts!” and sometimes, there would be students pointing at me.
And then, people who weren’t looking at us would start paying attention to the carriage, so we had to be careful.

“You have it hard, Tea.”

As I unconsciously exhaled, Oniisama, who was sitting opposite me, spoke to me with concern.
Even though the carriage was large because it was Duke’s carriage, it was a bit cramped since we all rode in it. That’s why we had the Byakko-sama and Suzaku-samaa miniaturized in their Sacred Beast forms, and sat in a line of men and women: Kurogane, Oniisama, Sei with the Byakko-sama on his lap, Suzaku-samas across from him, me with Mashiro in my arms, and Miria.

“Yeah… but, Oniisama must had it difficult today as well.”
“Ahh, yes… This morning, I was suddenly asked to make arrangements with the student council to prevent students from running amok in the venue.”

Ahhh… I’m really sorry for the inconvenienceeee!

“Oniisama, I really apologize for this…”
“Tea. It was you guys who truly had it difficult, so I don’t want you to keep apologizing. I don’t want to see your saddened face either.”

Oniisama grinned. Ugh, so kind.

“Oniisama… thank you so much.”

I said with a smile.
Even if apologies are not wanted, gratitude must be voiced out properly.

“Yep. Your smile is my best reward.”

Oniisama laughed happily.
Ugh, he reached the point of saying cringy lines.
Yeah. I should make something delicious for him to thank him when we return.

“Also, this time His Highness took the unusual initiative to make sure nothing happened to Tea. So it wasn’t too difficult.”

… Maybe I should give something to His Highness as well.

“Umm, you really helped us out as well. Thank you very much.”

Sei, who sat next to Oniisama, lowered his head.

“No, it’s nothing. I would like you to help out Tea, as a fellow Sacred Beast contractor, when I’m not around. In return, feel free to ask me for help if you need it.”
“Yes. Understood.”

As expected! Oniisama is so dependable!
But, I cannot depend on him all the time.
After all, he’s also taking care… no, he’s assisting His Highness Raymond as well.
I shouldn’t put more burden on him than this.
First of all, after the break, the classes will begin after being divided into classes, so I should be able to avoid the public eye for a bit.
Mariel-chan will be also there, which is reassuring.
Okay, I’m going to do my best!

“… Tea, are you listening?”
“It appears you have been thinking about something, but don’t go off on your own. You better consult with me or someone else. Okay?”
“Y, yeah…”

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