Chapter 484.2

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Promptly returning home.
Oniisama gave me a warning.
It seems that both he and Otousama are worried that I might do something wrong.
But I didn’t do anything wrong at the academy, though… Mashiro and Kurogane were exposed because of force majeure.
This time, it’s the outburst of the people because of the debut.
See? I didn’t do anything, did I?
And yet, isn’t it strange that you assume that I’m the one who is at fault?
I don’t want to say anything because if I do, I’m sure I’ll get a lot of admonishments and then a lecture. I have learned my lesson.

“Good. Let’s continue talking, then. The day after tomorrow, we will pick you guys up when we go back to the academy, okay, Sei?”
“Of course. Right, Sei?”
“No, as I said, no need to trouble yourselves…”
“No, you can’t refuse. Don’t worry, it’s on our way. We’d be worried otherwise.”
“… I will take you up on your offer, then.”

Yes, yes. He shouldn’t take a stagecoach back to the dormitory and get into trouble on the way back.
After that, we talked about the lessons we took this week, the part-time job of reserving seats, and many other things.
In the meantime, the carriage seemed to have entered the merchant district, and stopped in front of a familiar building of the Bastea Company.

“’Thank you very much, Senior Norman. Miss Cristea, if there’s any food you want to have in the dormitory, I will have it ready for you, just let me know if you need anything.”
“Thank you. I would really like to stop by the store and look around, but it’s late… so I will send you a list if I need anything. Have a good weekend.”
“Yeah, have a good weekend.”

The three of them got out of the carriage, led by Byakko-sama who had reverted to human form, and the carriage began to slowly move away.
At a turn, I looked out the window and saw that Sei and the others had not entered the building, but had seen us off.

After passing through the merchant district, we entered the noble district, and after a while, we saw the long fence that marked the grounds of Duke Ellisfeed’s residence.
As the carriage approached the gate, the gatekeeper immediately opened it, and the carriage slid straight into the premises as if it had been sucked in.
After a while, the house came into view.
As soon as the front door opened, the servants began to line up, and Otousama came out.


As soon as the carriage arrived, bang! the door opened and Father peeked out.

“Otousama, I have returned.”
“Umu, you have worked hard. I’m sure you are tired. I had them prepare tea, let’s go inside.”
He held out his hand and I took it, and he was about to escort me to the living room when Oniisama stopped me.

“Father. We are still in our uniforms, so why don’t we change and get settled first? Tea, you need to leave the luggage with Miria, don’t you?”

Ah, that’s right. All of Miria’s stuff was stored in my inventory, too. I have to go back to my room and take it out.

“Ah. Yes, that’s right… then, go change first.”
“Why don’t we go together then, Tea.”

Oniisama then took over escorting me from Otousama, and we went to the floor where my room was.
I went to my room, took my stuff out of my inventory, asked Miria to clean up, and then
I quickly changed into my loungewear and left the room with Mashiro and Kurogane, and found Oniisama standing in front of the door.

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