Chapter 484.3

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Promptly returning home.
“Hey, you were quick. Let’s go then.”
“Y, yeah…”

You were quick too, Oniisama, you know?
You walked me to my room and then went to your room.
Seeing that I was slightly taken aback, Oniisama chuckled.

“Fufu, I didn’t get to see you much at the academy. I hope you’ll let me escort you like this at home.”
“Ha, haah…”

I don’t know what to say, I feel like he has been blatantly showing his attitude since then. No, was he like this before that, too…?
Is it just me being self-conscious?
I was in agony as Oniisama escorted me to the living room.
Because Oniisama was all over me, Mashiro and Kurogane were in a bad mood.
I wonder if they will be in a better mood if I brush them later…

When I entered the living room, I found Otousama and Okaasama already sitting there waiting for us

“Norman, Cristea, welcome home. Things must have been difficult for you.”
“”Mother (Okaasama), I’m back.””

After greeting her, we sat down on the sofa facing each other.
Mashiro changed from his human form to his Sacred Beast form and started climbing up on me, so I picked him up and put him on my lap.
Kurogane glared at Mashiro, but sat down on the sofa next to me in the human form.
Gilbert, the steward, Theresa, the head maid, and Alisa, the head maid’s daughter and my chambermaid, served the tea.
Miria left to deal with the luggage, so she is absent.
Here, was a group of people who have known from the beginning that I am a contractor of Sacred Beasts.

“Let’s take a breather first. I heard that the head chef made a special effort to feed you.”

What was placed before me was a small pancake with ice cream on the side.

“Wow… that looks so delicious! Thank you.”

I cut it into bite-sized pieces and ate it along with the ice cream. The fluffy pancake and ice cream were very delicious in harmony.

“It’s delicious!”
“Yes, this is delicious.”
“The chefs have been working hard to make sure you don’t think they have lost their touch while you were gone. They want you to look forward to the dinner as well.”
“I’m looking forward to it!”

I said to Otousama as I was eating in a good mood.

“Ahem, ah~ as for me personally, I’m already missing the food made by my beloved daughter…”
“Geez, Dear. Tea must be tired, so let her rest, will you?”
“Eh, ahh, umu, right… I know.”

Otousama’s dejection after being shot down by Okaasama was kind of amusing, I nearly did not manage to hold back my laughter before talking.

“No, it’s okay. I will swing my arms tomorrow.”
“I, is that so!”

When Okaasama scolded the delighted-looking Otousama, Oniisama and I turned to each other and ended up laughing.

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