Chapter 485.1

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I will say it no matter how many times it takes!
After enjoying tea, we reported to Otousama and Okaasama about the debut.

“Hou… something like that happened? It appears that the academy is trying their best to anger me very much.”

A cool, chilly air was coming through my feet.
Hieh… Otousama is furious!

“Let’s see, we should reduce our donations to the academy first.”

Eh, our family is donating quite a bit of money, isn’t it?
To reduce that would be…

“Dear, please calm down. You always say that donations to the academy are an investment in the future of the country. How could you bear to reduce it…”

Ohh, as expected of Otousama. He said something this good!
… Oi, that’s one more reason not to reduce it…

“However, I can’t just stand by and let my beloved daughter be treated with contempt. Besides, many of the students at the academy seem to be so shallow that they don’t deserve our investment, do they?”

Otousama, I am glad you are concerned about me, but please don’t make me and Oniisama suffer while we are studying. If the donations get reduced and the budget is lost, the students are going to resent us for that!
Just as I was about to stop him, Oniisama clinked his teacup on the table.

“Father, it is the rule that the academy will take care of its own affairs within the academy. It is not for parents, much less nobles, to interfere. As a former student of the academy, you know that very well, don’t you?”
“This time, the Headmaster himself did a lot of the work. He was also concerned that the students would come to Tea’s place during the weekend, so he made sure that she returned to the residence today. I am sure that Teacher Neil, the dorm supervisor, is taking care of the students right now.”
“But, you know…”
“Teacher Neil and the student council are on the lookout for anyone acting strangely. It won’t be too late to probe the target after punishing them properly, right?”

Oniisama said so while laughing, but that smile was extra scary, you know!?

“I see. If you are that involved, then I will leave the academy matters to you. This is also a learning experience. If anything happens, report it to me immediately.”
“I understand.”

Oh no~! Otousama and Oniisama’s smiles are so frightening!
What are the two planning by tag-teaming!?

“We will leave the matters to you, Norman. We have a lot of things to deal with over here.”

Okaasama also said with a smile, but your eyes aren’t smiling, Okaasama…?

“Yes. Mother, by the looks of it Tea and others are already…?”
“Yes, the chatterboxes have been going around spreading the word at tea parties since the day after the entrance ceremony. I suspect that today’s story will also be spread after hearing it from the baby chicks.”

… In short, I’m already a rumor among the nobility, and today’s story will also be a rumor that students will tell their parents and I will be talked about again, right?
I don’t like it, but they say you can’t put words in people’s mouths…
“I’m a candidate for the Crown Prince’s fiancée!” I have already had a rough but good talk with His Majesty, Lily-sama and others so that it won’t turn out like that.
So, no matter what people around me say, I shouldn’t get forced to become Crown Prince Raymond’s fiancée.
Therefore, I’m already avoiding the biggest problem at the moment, and I have to take care of the rest of it myself.
It’s a little depressing to think about what’s going to happen next week, but I will just have to deal with it little by little.
I’m the one who made the Sacred Beast contract with Mashiro and Kurogane, so I have to be firm.
I stroked Mashiro’s back and sipped the slightly warmed tea, trying to calm my mind.

“That’s why I have received a mountain of invitations to tea parties and letters of engagement offers at our doorstep every day since then.”

Okaasama’s words made me cringe.
As a lady, I tried my best not to yell out, but my eyes were filled with tears.

“Co-, cough!… Eh, wha…?”
(Cristea, are you okay?)
“Lord, are you all right?”
“I… am fine…”

I’m not too okay.
Huh? You mean there were offers of engagement from someone other than His Highness?

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