Chapter 485.2

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I will say it no matter how many times it takes!
“Mother, please reject everything.”

While Oniisama patted my back and spoke in a low voice, Okaasama gracefully brought the cup to her mouth without a care in the world.

“Oh my, how scary. Sheesh… it’s fine. I have already rejected everything because she just became a freshman.”
“… Thank you very much.”

Nono. You cannot ignore me when this is about me, okay!?

“Umm, Okaasama? Those were addressed to me, weren’t they?”

How come my parents are opening letters and invitations addressed to me without my permission!?

“No. It would be impolite for someone who has never met you, my daughter, before to send an invitation or a letter directly to you before your debut in the social world, wouldn’t it? It makes sense for them to go through us, your parents, so we are handling it for you in the meanwhile.”
“H, haah…”
“In your case, the only friend you have now is the young lady of Baron Mayor’s house, so sorting it is easy. Let me know if you have any other close friends. I will give you the ones from them when we are sure they are safe.”
“… For now, I’m fine with only letters from Mariel-san.”
“… I see.”

I replied in a small voice, and Okaasama looked at me with comforting eyes.
… Damn it, I just entered the academy!
I’m just not ready to make friends yet because of all the special dorm and debut stuff!

“… You are supposed to start classes next week, right, Tea? You are going to start expanding your circle of friends from now on.”
“Ohh, that’s right. You have much to look forward to from now on!”
“That’s right, you have just enrolled, didn’t you?”

… Everyone, stop giving off a strangely caring air! I’m not crying!

“Speaking of which, have you heard anything about class placement?”


Oniisama asked with a cheerful expression to change the atmosphere.

“Yes, Headmaster told me I would be in the special class.”

Otousama and Okaasama nodded as if that was a matter of fact.

“Umu, that’s only a deserved result.”
“Indeed. Most of her tutors stopped teaching her early because of her progress, after all. Wouldn’t there be many subjects she will be exempted from?”
“Tea should be exempt from General Education and Mannerism with no problem, right? Then, for Magical Studies, Teacher Maren’s letter of recommendation should have been submitted, so you would hardly have to attend the beginner to intermediate level magic if you take and pass the written and practical exams. You only need to attend the required practicals and the classes you want to attend.”

I’m glad that I’m exempt from the history that makes me want to sleep and the mannerisms because I don’t want to be subjected to any more spartan education.
However, I don’t think I can be exempted from the study of magic because of Teacher Marlen’s irregular teaching style, you know!?
I could have listened to Teacher Marlen’s long lectures, and he would simply drop the lecture in the middle of talking, you know!?
What was Teacher Marlen thinking with that letter of recommendation!
Besides, if I don’t go to class that much, it will be hard for me to make friends, you know!?

“… I can attend the lessons even if I was granted an exemption, right?”
“Oh my, you are a funny girl for wanting to study something you already know. Wouldn’t you be better off socializing instead?”

Ah… social life, my social life, huh.
Hmm, what’s the point of having a tea party if you don’t have anyone to invite, though…?

“I think I would like to make some personal connections first.”
“Ah… y, yeah, right. Friends come first, don’t they? Do your best… hoho.”

Otousama and Oniisama turned to Okaasama and motioned “Don’t!” with their eyes, so the only thing I could do in response was to let out a dry “Haha… yeah.”

… I will say it no matter how many times it takes, I’m not crying!

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