Chapter 483.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Come on, let’s get out of here—!
Just as I was beginning to relax and enjoy my tea, Oniisama came to pick me up.

“Yo, Tea. You have it hard today.”

He greeted me in the entrance hall and patted me on the head.

“Geez, Oniisama. I’m not a little child anymore.”

When I protested sulkily, he chuckled, took a tuft of my hair, kissed it and looked up at me.

“I see. So I can treat you as a lady now?”

Eh, wha, wait a moment?
Can you please not get all charming and serious all of a sudden!?

“… I’m fine with being treated as a child.”

When I turned my head to answer, Oniisama giggled and took his hand away from my hair.
Ugh, I’m being teased…
Come to think of it, Oniisama confessed his feelings to me, didn’t he?
There’s so much going on that it’s completely slipped my mind…

“Now, let’s get out of here as soon as we load up. Where’s your luggage?”
“Oh, I have put our stuff in my inventory, so…”

The luggage Miria had packed for us was already in my inventory, including my personal trunk.
Inventory is really convenient.
If I wanted, I can use warp magic to get to the mansion without using a carriage, but this time, I have to show people that I am out of the dormitory.
Besides, the servants of our mansion would be surprised if I suddenly used warp magic to get home, as I have only told about the warp magic to a limited number of people.

“… Tea. Even with an inventory, luggage is something a young lady should be carrying around on her own.”

Oniisama said with a sigh.

“Y, yeah… but, I also thought that I should take care of myself at the academy.”

Normally, the servants are not allowed to come with you to the dormitory, so the basic rule is to take care of yourself in the academy.
The reason why Miria is here is that we don’t have maids in the special dormitory at the moment, so I made a special request at short notice.
And the reason I’m returning to the mansion together with her is because she’s supposed to be my personal maid, so she has to work at the mansion as well.
However, since I don’t feel the weight of things I store in my inventory, I coincidentally stored Miria’s luggage in there as well.

“That’s not what I meant. It’s just that a young lady shouldn’t deprive a gentleman of an opportunity for service. Now, Ojousama, your hand, please.”


I couldn’t help but smile as Oniisama playfully but respectfully held out his hand.

“Fufu, Oniisama, sheesh.”

When I raised my hand, it was grabbed from the side. When I looked at the owner of the hand that grabbed mine…

“We will take care of you, Cristea.”
“Umu. You fella can go open the carriage’s door and wait at the side.”

Kurogane stood next to me and took my other hand.

“No matter that you are Sacred Beasts, I can’t easily give up my right to escort my precious Tea. It’s not good manners to try and snatch her from the side. If you want to escort Tea, I think you should first learn the proper manners for it, don’t you? “

Oniisama smiled, but the air became chilly. Hieh!

“… You are too cocky for a human.”
“… You have got some guts.”
“I’m just telling you that if you’re going to stand next to Tea, the daughter of a Duke, you need to behave accordingly.”

Wha, everyone, let’s calm down!?

“Oh? What’s up, you guys? Are you trying to make a scene in a place like this?”

A distracting voice came from behind me, and I turned around to see Byakko-sama, Suzaku-sama, and Sei.

“You are jesting. Come on, Tea, let me get you into the carriage. Oh, Sei, we will take you guys in our carriage, too.”

Oniisama turned off the cold air and headed for the door.

As he pulled away, Kurogane and Mashiro stopped their intimidation, too. Hoh.

“No, we will go by the stagecoach…”
“You better not. There are already students wandering around in front of your dormitory.”
“From the looks of it, it’s all new students. I know they are hoping to get a closer look at the Sacred Beasts but… You don’t want to walk through it, do you?”

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