Chapter 482.2

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Alright, let’s retreat—!
“I apologize. I’ll have Neil guard the dormitory gate this weekend. All invitations received will be confiscated under my authority. I will hand out punishments accordingly depending on the content, so can you give me permission to open the confiscated letters to examine the contents?”

He said he was going to have the invitations examined because it would be dangerous if there was some kind of trick in them. Eh, that’s scary!

“Yes, except for the letters from my friend Mariel-sama, I’m fine with it.”

I’m sure Mariel-chan won’t bother to write a letter at this time, though.

“I, too, have only made acquaintances with Miss Cristea, Miss Mariel, the Crown Prince and Senior Norman in the academy, so I don’t mind it either.”
… I’m mostly a loner, but Sei is also a good competitor.
… Let’s stay strong for each other’s sake!

“Umu. There’s a possibility of the letters from people you know to be fake, so even if it’s from them, we won’t look inside, but we will confirm whether they are not malicious letters.”
“Thank you very much.”

In the meantime, the carriage arrived in front of the special dormitory.
We quickly entered the dormitory while Byakko-sama and Kurogane were vigilant of the surroundings.

“Oh my, welcome back, Cristea-sama.”

When I returned to my room, I found that Miria was in the middle of packing up her things.
Eh? I haven’t said anything to Miria yet.
Are you an esper!?

“Norman-sama came by just before noon and told me to get ready because you would be returning to the mansion for the weekend…”

… So it’s Oniisama who was an esper!?

“I, is that so… Oniisama did?”
“Yes. Norman-sama has already applied for permission to go out, so he asked me to hurry and submit yours as soon as you return.”

She then led me to a table where I had to fill out the application form with my name and other details.

“A, alright…”

I sat down on the couch, deciding that I would use the application form I had received from Teacher Neil next time.

(That fella is good at what he does, huh.)
(Is Norman coming back with us?)

As soon as I returned to my room, Kurogane and Mashiro reverted to their Sacred Beast forms and began to relax at my feet and next to me.

“I wonder? Oniisama has lessons tomorrow, after all…”
“Umm, Norman-sama will be going with you. He said he was worried sending you home alone, so he arranged for a carriage to pick you up with later.”
“Ah, I see…”

Oniisama’s overprotective nature is hardcore.
Well, even though there’s no need for an escort since Kurogane and Mashiro are here, if I go home alone, I might scare Otousama and Okaasama, so it’s reassuring to have Oniisama go back with me.
After I signed the application form, Miria quickly dried the ink with wind magic and went to submit it to Teacher Neil.

“… Well, it looks like there’s no need for packing, so what should we do before he comes to pick us up?”
(Cristea, I wanna eat dorayaki.)
(Umu. I don’t feel like I have eaten anything.)

Come to think of it, they ate the same amount of food as I did.

“Are you hungry? We will be having dinner later, so eat only a little, okay?”

I pulled out a few dorayaki from my inventory, including one for me, of course.
When I’m tired, I need something sweet to soothe me!
Eventually, Miria came back, so I had her make us a cup of tea, and we enjoyed our snack time together until it was time to for Oniisama to pick us up.

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