Chapter 581.2

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I support you!
Alicia-sama looked straight into my eyes as she said that.

“Why are you two fussing about such boring things? Abilities? From my perspective, both of you are just inexperienced little girls. There’s no point in arguing about that, no?”

“Ruby! Be quiet!”

Ruby, lounging on a seat stacked with cushions, nonchalantly interjected, prompting Mariel-chan to hurriedly try to stop him.

“What. Cristea isn’t interested in being a fiancée candidate, and Allie, on the contrary, wants to be one, right? I don’t know what Cristea is planning for her future, but Allie has no choice but to strive to be chosen. Cristea, you should just help her with that, isn’t it a good idea?”

“Ruby, it’s not that simple…”

Mariel-chan looked at Ruby with a troubled expression.

“Mariel-san, what Ruby is right. I have no intentions like that, so I will support Alicia-sama.”


“Um… Cristea-sama?”

Ignoring the surprised Mariel-chan and the bewildered Alicia-sama, I declared,

“I will cooperate to ensure you will be chosen, Alicia-sama! Next time, I will gather information on what Crown Prince Raymond likes and various other things from my Oniisama!”

“Eh… umm, Cristea-sama? That might be a bit…”


Alicia-sama, looking flustered, tried to stop me.
Eh? Since Oniisama is a candidate to be close aide to Crown Prince Raymond, he should be able to help with information gathering, right?

“Err… Cristea-san, let’s calm down, okay? R-right! We should start the tea party soon? Right?”

“Eh? Oh, yeah, that’s right.”

Regaining composure with Mariel-chan’s words and exchanging glances, Miria, who had been observing with a vacant expression, nodded as if snapping back to reality.
She quickly began preparing the tea.

“Today’s tea is from our territory, a black tea. Please help yourselves to snacks and sweets of your choice.”

Tea and snacks were served by Miria and Suzaku-sama.
Well, Suzaku-sama simply took out a three-tiered tray from her inventory with a thud.

As a three-tiered tray filled with snacks and sweets appeared out of nowhere, Alicia-sama’s eyes widened in surprise.


Although Mariel-chan and I can use it too, we don’t openly use it, so only a few key individuals are aware of our inventory-holding abilities.
Judging by their reactions, it seems like having an inventory is quite an unusual ability.

“For today, we made sandwiches with cucumber, egg, and bacon, each using our territory’s specialty. As for sweets, we prepared a new shortbread, chiffon cake, apple pie, and fruit jelly. Please enjoy whatever you like.”

As I briefly explained, Alicia-sama looked at the items on the tray, repeatedly scanning them from top to bottom.

“Umm… other than the shortbread, I have never had any of these. I wonder which one I should try first…”

Observing Alicia-sama’s perplexed expression, I finally remembered that what was ordinary for us might not be so for others.

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