Chapter 582.1

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Oh noooo!
In the special dormitory, my cooking is naturally accepted, so I never expected people to be surprised like this.

Sei is from the Yahatul, and he grew up with cuisine reminiscent to that of my past life in Japan and unfamiliar with the cuisine of the Doristan Kingdom, Mariel-chan, who shares my past life, and the Sacred Beasts who eat anything delicious without hesitation—living with them seemed to have dulled my senses.

Huh? Teacher Neil?
…He’s an unusual person who doesn’t have particular preferences in food, so it’s okay because he doesn’t hesitate to try unknown menus.

Oh no.
I just wanted her to eat something delicious, so I kept making it earnestly, but I didn’t research what Alicia-sama and other nobles usually serve for tea snacks.
Right, unfamiliar dishes and such are hard to approach.


As I was about to explain each dish one by one, Ruby teleported a carrot chiffon cake onto Alicia-sama’s plate.

“Eh, err…?”

Seeing the simple-looking cake that suddenly teleported from the tray onto the plate in front of her, Alicia-sama was bewildered. Ruby, who also teleported chiffon cake onto his own plate, looked proud.

“Cristea’s sweets and dishes are well-regarded in the special dormitory, so if there’s anything you’re curious about, feel free to try anything. But you know, that cake—I helped make it, so I really want you to try it.”

“This cake, made by Ruby-sama!?”

Alicia-sama, surprised, looked at Ruby, who winked.

“That’s right? I did my best, so savor it, okay?”

Yeah, he did his best. In a macho apron… I feel like I definitely shouldn’t let Alicia-sama know about that.

“Well… yes. Ruby-sama’s… a simple yet charmingly colored cake, isn’t it?”


Ruby gazed satisfactorily at Alicia-sama, who was looking closely at the chiffon cake, then slowly took a bite.

“Mmm, delicious! Thinking it’s a carrot cake makes it even more tasty!”

“… Huh?”

Alicia-sama, about to put her fork into the cake, stopped.

“This, thi-this, is a car-car-carrot cake…!?”

Alicia-sama’s voice, clearly shaken, was trembling.
The hand holding the fork descended slowly.
Wait, could it be…

“Um, Alicia-sama? Is it, by any chance, are you…?”

“… Yes, I’m not good with them.”

Alicia-sama answered with moist eyes.
I knew it!

Oh no, oh no! This is bad! It’s not about the chiffon cake itself! I didn’t mean to be mean or intentionally serve something she doesn’t like, but it might be misunderstood as harassment!
What should I do for this reconciliation tea party?

“Oh dear. Allie, you’re not fond of carrots?”

“… Not just carrots, but I’m also not fond of any raw vegetables.”

Oh god, wait a moment!
… Does that mean cucumber sandwiches and BLT sandwiches are also out of the question?

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