Chapter 582.2

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Oh noooo!
“Oh, um, I apologize sincerely. I didn’t check your preferences before serving something like this…”

“Ch-Cristea-san, in a normal tea party, snacks with carrots or raw vegetables are not typically served. I don’t think even Alicia-sama could have anticipated this.”

While reluctantly agreeing with Mariel-chan’s not-so-supportive comment, I gestured to Miria to exchange Alicia-sama’s plate.
Alicia-sama regained her composure, gripping the fork tightly.

“… No, please don’t worry. Ruby-sama and Cristea-sama personally made this for me. I… I will partake!”

“Hehe, well said. Courage is important, Allie! Now, take a bite!”

With Ruby’s signal, Alicia-sama inserted her fork into the chiffon cake.

“Huh… it’s incredibly soft, isn’t it?”

Well, that’s because macho Ruby quickly whipped up the meringue!

Alicia-sama cautiously cut a bite-sized piece of the fluffy chiffon cake and brought it to her mouth with trepidation, looking like a warrior heading into a dangerous battle.
No, you don’t have to force yourself that much!
There are other things to eat, like apple pie!
It’s not too late to stop now! Just as I thought that, Alicia-sama tightly closed her eyes and took a bite of the cake.


“…!? Eh, oh, it’s delicious…?”

While nervously observing her chewing, thinking I’ll have to take it away if it doesn’t seem good, Alicia-sama suddenly widened her eyes, placing a hand over her mouth in surprise.
P-hew… it seems she likes it.


“Huh…? It has a moderate sweetness, a light texture, and it’s fluffy… Is this really a cake made with carrots? I can’t believe it.”

Alicia-sama said that, taking two, three more bites as if to confirm, and quickly finished the chiffon cake.

“Oh… I have already finished eating. It was a dream-like deliciousness…”

Alicia-sama stared sadly at the empty plate, and behind her, Suzaku-sama nodded approvingly with a face that seemed to say, “I completely understand that feeling!”
Yeah, Suzaku-sama looks like that when eating pudding…

“Ufufu, I told you, didn’t I?”

Ruby, with a proud expression, spoke to Alicia-sama.

“Yes… It was very delicious. Um, I’m aware it’s improper, but could I possibly have another one…?”

Ladies are supposed to eat like birds, meaning eat sparingly, and asking for seconds is out of the question. However, considering that, Alicia-sama, with a slightly blushing cheek, looked at me with upturned eyes as if she wanted more.

Oh, wow, she’s so cute! Overwhelmingly charming!
Mariel-chan and I felt like we were about to be knocked out by Alicia-sama.
But, I wanted her to try other sweets, so I had to deflect Alicia-sama’s request with a heavy heart.

“There are many other things I would like you to try besides the chiffon cake… so, I will wrap the chiffon cake as a souvenir for you on your way home!”

The moment I said “other things,” she made a slightly sad face, so I impulsively promised to make the chiffon cake a souvenir.
I lost.

I checked with Ruby through telepathy if it’s okay to give her the portion he reserved for seconds, and he replied, “Well, it can’t be helped. You have helped me in various ways, so it’s time to repay the favor,” giving me the okay.

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