Chapter 583.1

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Bursting with love of all kinds!?
After promising chiffon cake as a souvenir, Alicia-sama began to feel at ease and started to challenge other things.

First was the egg sandwich.

“Oh my…! Fluffy bread, and inside is… eggs, I suppose? These eggs also have a mysteriously lingering taste with a fluffy texture.”

“Fufufu… the secret to that deliciousness is using mayonnaise as a hidden flavor! Mayonnaise is not an exaggeration when called the most delicious sauce in this world, Alicia-sama!”

“I-Is that so…?”

Mariel-chan started talking about mayonnaise.

“A-Alicia-sama! How about trying this BLT sandwich? It’s delicious, you know?”

“O-okay… I will give it a try.”

Hey, hey, Mariel-chan, let’s calm down a bit, okay?
I was planning to make a thick-layered rolled omelet for the egg sandwich, but Mariel-chan seemed eager to use mayonnaise, so I added it to make a fluffy thick-layered egg.
The taste of mayonnaise as a hidden flavor is subtle, but thanks to it, the egg turned out to be wonderfully fluffy and beautiful.
I didn’t want Alicia-sama to be completely put off when Mariel-chan passionately started talking about mayonnaise, though.
… Well, she’s already slightly put off, to be honest.

While gently applying some pressure with an archaic smile to help Mariel-chan calm down, Alicia-sama began working on the BLT sandwich.


“Hmm… the meat sandwiched in here is the bacon that’s been the talk of the Capital, right? I heard it is exclusively sold at the Adventurers’ Guild in the Ellisfeed territory, and is apparently hard to come by in the Capital, causing the price to skyrocket…”

“That’s right. With the increased demand for Orc meat and simply not being able to keep up with production, it has gained an unusual scarcity value… The folks at the workshop are troubled by this as well.”

“…The workshop folks… I heard that bacon has the Ellisfeed family crest stamped or pressed on it, but could it be…”

“Oh, yes. We have set up a smoking workshop at our house and have an exclusive contract with the Adventurers’ Guild for sales.”

“… I thought that crest was a mark of the Ducal family’s approval, so I assumed that’s why you used it so casually, like the other day…”

Alicia-sama fell silent. But it’s good that she seems to be eating, chewing properly.

The cucumber in the sandwich has been properly salted and drained, so it’s not soggy and has a refreshing taste. It was a bit challenging to stop Mariel-chan from adding more mayonnaise along the way. Alicia-sama, who claims to dislike raw vegetables, said, “I can eat this,” so the taste should be satisfactory.

As Mariel-chan started talking about how there’s mayonnaise in this too, Alicia-sama, while slightly taken aback, responded with a mature attitude, saying, “I-is that so… mayonnaise really is amazing.” I’m worried if Alicia-sama truly enjoyed it while managing her slight hesitation.

Mariel-chan might want to tone down her love for mayonnaise a bit.

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