Chapter 581.1

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I support you!
We, who left the treatment of the Tree-whatever to my Oniisama and Prince Raymond, moved to a room that the Ellisfeed family has reserved during our time at the academy.
Since only Oniisama and I use this room, aside from regular cleaning supervised by Miria and done by part-time workers, no one else comes in or out.

Having used this room only once shortly after enrolling, we each took our seats, following Miria’s guidance.

“Alicia-sama, I apologize for causing you discomfort before the tea party.”

Thinking to switch our feelings before the enjoyable tea party, I apologized to Alicia-sama, who shook her head with a serious expression.

“No, this incident is my fault. I must apologize to everyone.”

Saying that, she bowed her head.

“No, Alicia-sama, didn’t you just get caught up in this? After all, it’s my fault for declining invitations to the tea parties in the first place.”

It was my parents who declined, and I don’t know the details of whose tea parties they rejected, but…

“However, this time, it’s my fault that Trinian-sama of the Gadrey family took action.”

“Eh, is that so?”

“Trinian-sama mentioned it, didn’t he? He thought that the ban was lifted because he heard that I would have a tea party with you…”

He did say that, while emphasizing our family’s bad relationship with the Georgia family.

“I only received the invitation from you this morning, right? That topic was already being discussed in the cafeteria during lunchtime.”


Come to think of it, it’s too early for Tree-whatever and others to bring up that topic when the invitation was handed over just this morning.

“Someone who overheard our conversation in the special class’s classroom leaked the information. We have a rough idea of who it might be.”

Eh? I had no idea at all?!

“Oh, it’s probably someone from a merchant’s family. They likely made a promise to share information with noble students they are on friendly terms with.”

Mariel-chan nodded in agreement and responded, with Alicia-sama nodding back.
Eh! Mariel-chan understood it?
Am I really that clueless?

“It seems that rumors have spread about our tea party, suggesting that despite being supposed enemies… we initiated it as a form of socializing and mutual restraint… Also, it’s widely known that I haven’t given up on the position of the Crown Prince’s fiancée, so…”

Alicia-sama blushed slightly and said with an awkward expression.

Eh… cute! Alicia-sama is so cute!
I have no idea why someone as crude as Prince Raymond is popular with such an adorable girl!
Don’t worry, I have no desire to become the Crown Princess!

“Umm… I have truly declined the position of Crown Prince Raymond’s fiancée candidate practically from the moment I was born. Although my outbursts of magic power are now under control, I am not much of a social butterfly, so being a Crown Princess is out of the question.”

“However… it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that you are the most qualified for the position, right?”

It is an exaggeration! There’s no way I could handle being a Crown Princess.

“I have absolutely no intention of taking on that role, and I am well aware that I am not suitable for it in the first place. Someone like you, who hones herself daily for that purpose, would be more fitting.”

“But… I lack the ability to stand next to Crown Prince Raymond.”

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