Chapter 563.1

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Hey! Ruby-san!?
“Oh my, isn’t this great!”

Ruby approached the staff bouncing and observed it as if licking the whole thing.

“Th-thank you very much!”

… Owen-san, do you intend to keep speaking in that tone with Ruby?
I mean, considering that you’ve received many rare magic stones as advance reward, I can understand why you might want to respond like she’s your benefactor, but…

“This is… amazing.”

“Indeed, size aside, it’s wonderful.”

Otousama and Tirie-san also peeked from behind Ruby and made impressed sounds.

“Hmph, I made this with this one here. There’s no way it could be boring.”

Although Galvano Ojisama seemed slightly taken aback by Owen-san’s attitude, he exuded confidence.

Indeed… the finished staff appeared to have colorful magic stones randomly embedded just below the handle, but they were calculated and arranged in a balanced manner.
Delicate patterns extended from around the magic stones to the handle and staff, and upon closer inspection, those patterns resembled some kind of spell.
Hieh, it’s incredibly intricate… Do you really have to go to such lengths to master the craft of magic tools?
… I’m not sure I can do it!?

“Ruby-sama can normally accumulate magic power by holding it, but if it exceeds the capacity of the magic stones, the staff will release the excess power little by little on its own. However, when not in use, you can set empty magic stones on this stand. It will allow you to fill empty magic stones with excess magic power.”

Owen-san said this and took out something that seemed to be a stand for storing the staff, assembling it, and hanging the staff on it.

“Hoh. It’s difficult to reuse empty magic stones because they take quite a lot of magic power to refill…”


Otousama observed the stand with keen interest.

“Yes, even if you have a lot of magic power, when it comes to medium to large-sized magic stones, you have to fill them little by little over several days to weeks to avoid running out of magic power, so reuse is considered inefficient. However, with this, you can simply leave it on when you’re not using the staff, and it will absorb the magic power, so you don’t waste it.”

“I see… but this magic tool might not be practical. After all, it’s based on the assumption that the magic stones will become saturated.”

“That’s true…”

Surprisingly, Otousama and Owen-san were engrossed in a conversation about magic stones. Owen seemed delighted to be able to talk about magic tools.

Normally, it’s possible to store magic power in empty magic stones that have run out of magic power. However, it seems that you need to use more magic power than what the capacity of the magic stone is. Extracting magic power is easy, but filling it seems to be difficult due to the influence of the attributes of the Magic Beast that the magic stones were originally from or something like that.
Small magic stones can be used for daily life, so there’s actually a business of filling them with magic power and reusing them. But when it comes to large magic stones…
However, it seems that Owen has created a magic tool that can fill even large empty magic stones. In essence, it’s like a charger and battery from my previous life, right? Hmm? Isn’t that amazing?
It might be limited to Sacred Beasts who have a lot of magic power, but being able to reuse large empty magic stones is incredibly convenient, isn’t it? Maybe even someone like me with a lot of magic power could fill them. Can I request an additional order for the charger?

“Um, well… we didn’t ask for the stand…”

Mariel-chan nervously spoke to Owen-sa n. She might be worried that adding the stand would be an additional, significant expense.

It certainly seems expensive… but I want it.

“Oh, this was made as an application of the prototype I was originally working on, so think of it as a little extra. I didn’t want to waste your valuable magic power, and I received the magic stones, so consider it a token of gratitude.”

“Eh, th… thank you very much!”

Mariel-chan seemed visibly relieved.

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