Chapter 562.3

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Striking while the iron is hot!?
After breakfast, under the guidance of Otousama, we moved to the warping room and then warped to the mansion in our territory.
There, Tirie-san and the others were already waiting.

“Ah, Cristea-chan! You’re here~”

Tirie-san, who had been sipping tea in the reception room, waved at us with a flutter of his hand.

“Once again, you’re here at such an early hour…”

Tirie-san winked at me without paying much attention to Otousama’s displeased expression and said, “Oh my, isn’t it just fine? Why not strike while the iron is hot.” How tough.

Galvano Ojisama, as usual, apologized to Otousama, saying, “Sorry for the early visit,” but then made an unreasonable request to the maid, asking if there was any alcohol available. That’s business as usual.
However, Owen-san had neatly shaved off his stubble and was nervously looking around the room in his neat attire.

“And you are?”
“I am Owen, a magic tool craftsman who has a shop within this territory. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Otousama briefly glanced at Owen-san, who then stood up and greeted him with noble etiquette. He was quite impressive.

“Magic tool craftsman Owen… I’ve heard that name before. Your magic tools are quite useful in our household. Keep up the good work.”
“Th-thank you very much.”


Otousama muttered to himself, “The Magic Tool Madman, huh,” as he watched the nervous Owen-san take a seat on the sofa.
I wonder if Owen-san, who is known by his nickname, Magic Tool Madman, is that famous…

“So, which magic tool are you testing today?”

When Otousama asked, Ruby said, “Wait a moment!” and jumped out from behind Mariel-chan’s shadow.
Tirie-san was surprised, saying, “Huh! What’s with this rabbit… no, isn’t this the rumored Carbuncle!?” But Otousama raised his hand to stop him and looked at Ruby.

“Ruby-sama, what is it?”
“It’s not just ‘what is it.’ You see, I requested this. It’s only reasonable for me to see it first.”

Ruby stood in front of Otousama and stomped the floor angrily.

“I see. Indeed. That was my oversight. However, if you are going to use our training grounds, I also need to inspect it as the person in charge.”
“… Mhm, that makes sense. Alright then. Owen, show us what you’ve completed.”

Ruby nodded in agreement while lightly tapping his foot in rhythm, then turned to Owen and gave him an order.

“Yes! Here it is!”

Owen-san took a wooden box from the trunk next to the sofa, opened it with a snap, and inside the cloth-lined box, a beautiful staff adorned with colorful magic stones was on display.

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