Chapter 562.2

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Striking while the iron is hot!?
“Well then, I’ve received word that the items you ordered from Galvano are ready…”

According to Otousama, he received a direct call from Tierie-san.

“They asked to use our training grounds for a test run of the completed magic tool… Cristea, just what have you all made? Wasn’t it supposed to be a walking cane to adorn Ruby-sama?”

Oops, I think I only told Otousama that we were making a fashionable cane for Ruby.
I had assumed Oniisama would report on these matters, so I didn’t pay it much mind.
Perhaps he didn’t report it because Mariel-chan and Ruby had ordered it.

“Well, we requested only a cane, but the materials used were of too high quality, so Galvano Ojisama thought it would be better for it to serve as self-defense weapon…”

When I explained, Otousama furrowed his brow and sighing heavily.

“I see… that Tirie fellow got all excited, saying they made something amazing. He mentioned he’d be visiting the mansion this weekend and wants to use the training grounds. He hung up after conveying only that, so I couldn’t quite grasp the situation.”

Tierie-san wasn’t there at that time, so I wonder if he didn’t know what kind of thing it was.
He must have surely wanted to see it for himself and be present for the test run after seeing the actual item.


“Well, it can’t be helped. Even if I tell him not to come, he’s the type who will show up. I’ll accompany you to stop any potential rampage.”


“O-Otousama, you are coming too?”
“Mhm. If you are going to use our training grounds, it shouldn’t be just you, the children; a member of our household should be present as well. Moreover, if it’s related to the Sacred Beast, then I am the most suitable person.”

Ah, I see. Well, that might be true, but… using our family’s spacious training grounds for testing a weapon like that, instead of the backyard of Uncle’s shop?
… I can only see a future where Otousama scolds us.
No, no. This time it’s not mine, so it should be okay, right?
… Right?

That day, we had dinner at the mansion in the Capital and went to bed.
By the way, we had an omelette rice served and after slicing open a fluffy soufflé omelette with a knife, Mariel-chan and Sei seemed really happy.
Even though I’ve never shown them a soufflé-style omelette before, the Head Chef’s creativity knows no bounds.
Well done, Head Chef…!

The following morning, as usual, I woke up early and completed my morning yoga.
Before breakfast, I went to a small forest on the estate with Kurogane and Mashiro for some foraging.
I had previously overlooked it, but I remembered that there were medicinal herbs growing here that could be used for potions.

“Oh, there it is. And here too!”

In the mansion in the Capital, the guards often used the premises for training, so I hadn’t been foraging here much.
It’s said that some herbs lose their potency when cultivated, so it’s better to gather naturally growing ones.
That’s why even the forest within the academy are being maintained like that.
Well, perhaps the children of the Ellisfeed family from past generations also came here to gather herbs while attending Adelia Academy.
Well, since I can use this forest after graduation, I should think of a way to ensure I don’t uproot everything.
Mariel-chan and the others might enjoy coming for an overnight foraging trip next time.
With these thoughts in mind, I secured a decent amount of herbs and returned to the mansion.

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