Chapter 562.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Striking while the iron is hot!?
After class, we quickly returned to the special dormitory, placed our study materials in our rooms, and hurried to the main gate.
Just like last time, we boarded the carriage arranged by Miria and headed towards the mansion.

“Ufufu, it’s finally here. I’m looking forward to it.”

Ruby said, sitting on Mariel-chan’s lap with an excited voice, swinging her legs.

“I’m so anxious…”

Mariel-chan replied, her expression uneasy, while she gently stroked Ruby’s head.

“Oh, come on, Mariel. You need to brace yourself already!”

Ruby said, but as a former Japanese friend who had never been involved in life-or-death battles or using weapons to take lives in her past life, I understood Mariel-chan’s feelings well.

I also have never used magic attacks against people before, so I’m not confident that I can defend myself when the time comes, let alone attack with clear intent to harm or kill someone.
While I might be able to create barriers or protect myself on the spur of the moment, deliberately hurting or killing someone is something I would find difficult.
Moreover, I even went as far as telling Kurogane and Mashiro not to hurt people.
However, I also understand that I shouldn’t force them to do that because of my selfishness.
They would be doing it to protect me, after all.
I know they are being pushed to their limits by trying to avoid hurting me.
I shouldn’t let my obsession with this cause me to lose both of them.
I’m such a spoiled and incompetent master.

Ruby might be strict with Mariel-chan because he doesn’t think he can protect her on his own.
He’s telling her, “You need to be able to protect yourself.”
I also need to become stronger so that I can help Kurogane and Mashiro when the time comes.
I don’t want to be a burden.

(… Cristea?)

I looked down in response to the voice calling me, and saw Mashiro, in his Sacred Beast form, looking up at me as he was nestled on my lap.


“Hm, what is it, Mashiro?”

I wondered if he was feeling jealous of Ruby and Mariel-chan, who I had been looking at, so I petted his head.
Mashiro leaned his head against me and closed his eyes, seeming to enjoy it.

(… N~n, it’s nothing. Cristea, I’ll protect you, so don’t worry, okay?)

Ugh, could it be that he had sees through my determination?
As a master to these two as well, I need to do my best.
Not knowing what to do for now, I rode in the carriage, filled with worries, on our way to the mansion.

Unlike last time, there was no welcoming from Otousama and Okaasama, but we were immediately told that tea was ready upon arrival and were escorted to the parlor.

“Welcome back, Cristea.”
“Welcome back.”

Shortly after entering the room, Otousama and Okaasama came over.

“I am back.”
“Thank you for having us. We’ll be in your care again this time.”
“W, we will be intruding! Thank you very much!”

When Sei and Mariel-chan stood up and greeted, Otousama smiled warmly, encouraging them to sit down, and joined us with Okaasama on the sofa.

“Both of you, since you always take care of Cristea, please make yourselves at home here as if it were your own home.”
“Thank you.”
“T-tha-thank you very much!”

Mariel-chan… I think it’s about time you get used to it?

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