Chapter 563.2

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Hey! Ruby-san!?
“Hey. I don’t mind you all having fun without me, but can I try it soon?”

Ruby tapped his legs on the floor and gave Owen-san and the others a stern look.

“Oh, whoops! My apologies, milady. Please, go ahead.”

Owen-san quickly turned towards Ruby and respectfully handed him the cane.

“Oh my, ufufu. Alright, I’ll forgive you. Now, let’s see…”

As Ruby swung her foreleg, the cane disappeared and reappeared in her grasp.

“Hmm, not bad. I like it.”

With a crisp sound, Ruby took the cane and struck a confident pose.

“… Ruby, how are you holding the cane?”

Mariel-chan asked with a curious expression. It was indeed a valid question, since Ruby couldn’t grip things like a human.

“Oh, come on, it’s obvious. I’m using magic to make it adhere to my paw.”

Well, that’s not so obvious.

When Ruby lifted her forepaw, the cane rose as well, and when she moved it, the cane spun around.
Eh, isn’t that incredibly dexterous?

“Hey, Ruby… you look so cool and cute!”

Mariel-chan trembled with excitement as she watched Ruby.

“Fufun, of course! Now, since the magic energy in the magic stone seems to be full, shall we try a test shot? Here, Mariel!”

As Ruby said that, the cane disappeared from his grasp and appeared right in front of Mariel-chan.



Mariel-chan caught the cane in a fluster, and Ruby shook his head as if to say, “Good grief.”

“Oh sheesh, you know, it’s no use if you can’t catch it when it matters. We should start training from there.”

Ruby, after transferring herself to Mariel-chan’s feet, who had turned pale at the mention of training, leaned on Mariel-chan’s calves and turned to Otousama and Owen-san.

“Now, please guide us to the training grounds.”
“M, mhm, indeed. Let’s get going then.”

Guided by Otousama, everyone headed to the training grounds in the estate.

“Hey, Cristea-chan, what do you actually think of that cane?”

Tirie-san approached me and asked.

“Haven’t you heard about that cane from Ojisama?”
“I’ve heard endless explanations from Owen even after it was completed. But I can’t help but wonder if it really will be useful in practice.”
“Hmm… I wonder about that? It seems like it can use magic based on the attributes of the magic stones, but I have no idea how powerful it is.”
“Yeah, that’s true. With all those magic stones loaded in it, I’m skeptical about whether it’ll really produce the desired results.”
“…? What do you mean?”

As Tirie-san sighed, I became curious, but Owen-san, who was walking just behind us at a slightly slower pace, approached.

“Oi, Tirie. I’m the one who made that magic tool, you know? I’d rather not be lumped together with some mediocre magic tool craftsman.”
“I’m not doubting your skills or anything. I’m sure it will activate magic properly, but I’m afraid of not knowing the outcome.”
“Huh? If it works well, then that’s great, right?”
“I think you should learn a bit more about moderation, that’s all.”
“Um, Tirie-san. What do you mean by that…?”

While we were talking, it seemed we had arrived at the training grounds. Otousama was explaining to Mariel-chan to deploy magic toward the target that had been set up in advance.

“Now, Mariel! Give it all you’ve got!”

With Ruby clinging to Mariel-chan’s shoulder, she gripped the cane with both hands like holding a gun, closed her eyes tightly, took a deep breath, and then shouted, “Hiiya!” With that, a small but dense magic circle appeared at the tip of the cane, and it condensed into a blue flame, shooting straight towards the target.


Just as it seemed like the flame had reached the distant target in an instant, there was a loud boom! The mud wall behind the target had disappeared.

“Yahoo! You did it, Mariel!”

While Mariel-chan stood there in shock, Ruby was excitedly celebrating over her shoulder. Otousama and Sei, who were watching from a distance, were in awe…
No, “You did it, Mariel!” isn’t quite the right response, Ruby-san!?
That was a total overkill!!

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