Chapter 564.1

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Maximum Output!?
The ground in the place where the target’s existence had completely disappeared was deeply gouged, and a thick cloud of dust was swirling.

“This is… terrific.”
“… Seriously. That’s a hell of a weapon for self-defense. It was a good call to have a protective barrier just in case.”

After a while, Otousama muttered with a shocked expression as he looked at the traces left behind by the attack, and Byakko-sama’s smile was cramping as he was alternately looking at Mariel-chan’s cane and the spot where the target had been.
It seems that Byakko-sama deployed a protective magic just in case… You did an excellent job!
No wonder the mansion’s security guards and servants didn’t rush over despite the loud explosion.

“Hi, hieeh…”

When Mariel-chan sat down weakly on the spot, Ruby jumped off her shoulder as if her balance was off.

“Hey! Why are you sitting there like that?”
“M-my legs gave out…”
“What? You can’t afford to have your legs give out every time you use magic! Pull yourself together!”
“I-I can’t…”

Mariel-chan teary-eyed, replied to Ruby’s reprimand.
Well, that’s certainly understandable…
This could turn into a massive weapon of destruction.

“Hm, I set the cane at THE maximum output for now, but that is only suitable for specific situations. The recoil should have been offset by the defensive magic that deployed simultaneously… You’re not hurt, Miss, right?”

Owen-san approached Mariel-chan, who was slumped, and checked her all over to confirm she wasn’t injured. He then carefully removed the cane from her trembling hands.
I was stunned by Owen-san’s unusually efficient and composed movements. Galvano Ojisama stood next to Owen-san and peered at the cane in his hands.

“I told you, didn’t I? Using almost an entire magic stone’s worth of magic power for a single spell would lead to this outcome.”


Galvano Ojisama snorted.

“But you see, it’s difficult to determine the optimal value without first seeing the results at the maximum output, right?”
“… You shouldn’t be capable of such adjustments, right? Most likely, you just wanted to verify the results for the maximum output, didn’t you?”
“You figured?”

It’s not “You figured?” Owen-saaaaaaan!?
Did you really think using nearly the entire magic power of that top-grade magic stone for maximum output was a good idea?

“Well, anyway, let’s reserve the use of maximum output for now and use it only when necessary… So, let’s try this again!”

Owen-san fiddled with something on the cane and handed it back to Mariel-chan.

“No-no way! I-I can’t do it!”

Mariel-chan seemed completely terrified, dropped the cane, and pleaded half-crying.

“Mariel, stop whining! You don’t have the right to refuse, especially when you don’t have any significant means of attack or defense. Originally, this cane was made for me, but it’s also meant to protect you!”
“B-But I never thought it would turn into such a scary weapon…”

Tears seemed about to overflow from Mariel-chan’s eyes.
… It might be better to stop this before it becomes some weird trauma.
I’ll have to give Owen-san a good scolding later, with the help of Galvano Ojisama and Tirie-san.
Thinking that, I was about to approach Mariel-chan when Ruby picked up the cane, gently took Mariel-chan’s hand, and placed the staff back into her grip.

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