Chapter 564.2

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Maximum Output!?
“Mariel… I want to protect you as much as I can. But there’s no such thing as perfect protection in anything. There will surely be situations where I can’t help you. So please, I want you to learn how to protect yourself. Don’t let me regret not teaching you how to use this when the time comes.”
“And besides, don’t you think we would be amazing and the strongest if we could protect each other?”

Ruby skillfully winked, and Mariel-chan wiped her moist eyes and stood up.

“… I understand. I’ll do my best!”
“Ufufu, that’s my partner! Now, could someone please prepare a new target quickly?”

As Ruby said this and glanced at Otousama, he flinched, but then he turned to me as if giving up.

“Cristea, I’m sorry, but could you create a wall with your earth magic… as strong as possible.”

I-I have to make it?


“Oh my, let me ask you of this, Cristea!”

Ruby jumped onto Mariel-chan’s shoulder as she stood up and urged me to hurry.
Ugh… Mariel-chan had finally become motivated, so I can’t let her enthusiasm wane…
Under everyone’s gaze, I reluctantly walked to the designated spot with a target.
Although the dust had settled, I felt a shiver as I looked at the deeply gouged ground.
This isn’t a magic with a suitable power for people, right…? The explosion area was limited thanks to the cane’s defense magic and Byakko-sama’s barrier magic, but without the barrier magic, the explosion might have affected even further beyond the target.
I’m guessing that the reason Owen-san had to leave the Royal Capital wasn’t just because of his love for magic tools; he has a tendency to overdo things and cause trouble… right!?

While feeling the need to confirm the truth behind the rumors of Owen-san’s obsession with magic tools, I squatted down in front of the target and placed my hand on the ground.
To create a sturdy earthen wall for Mariel-chan to set the target on, I carefully imagined the finished form.
Hmm, a sturdy wall… I think a stone wall is common, but in my previous life, thick concrete or something like that worked the best, right?
Reinforced concrete would be even more sturdy, but unfortunately, there’s no iron material here…
Hmm, a sturdy wall, a sturdy wall… The front wall should be vertical, and the back should have thickness sloping downward to stabilize it…
While imagining the concrete from my previous life, I let my magic flow with the image of compressing the earth tightly, and the ground rumbled as a solid-looking wall emerged… Alright, I’ve smoothed out the uneven ground in the front and back; this should be fine.

“Huh…? Wh-what is that?! It looks incredibly sturdy for a stone wall!”
“Hahh… Cristea-chan, you’re still amazing as ever.”
“Yes, indeed. As expected of Ojousama.”
“Wa-wait a minute, you guys!? Is that your reaction after seeing that?! There’s something seriously strange here! Normally, a little… no, a child… no, a young lady like that shouldn’t be able to create such a rock-solid stone wall!”

Even though Owen-san quickly regained his composure, he seemed dissatisfied with Tirie-san and Galvano Ojisama’s reactions and argued with them in disbelief.
Well, I don’t want to hear that from someone who makes magic tools like that! It’s just a wall that looks hard and sturdy, nothing unusual!

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