Chapter 565.1

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Dangerous me!?
“But, it’s Cristea-chan, you know?”
“Yeah. Jouchan’s magic power is on a completely different level, and the magic she uses goes beyond our imagination, so it’s no surprise.”

Tirie-san and Galvano Ojisama seemed to be resigned with distant look in their eyes, which is somewhat painful!

“Yeah, yeah, when she created a wall in the sea before, it was amazing, right?”
“Huh? In the sea?! Normally, wouldn’t it crumble from the waves right away?! Why would it even work? That’s ridiculous!”

Just like the wall I made now, it was designed to withstand water pressure and waves.
I actually made it, so it’s not strange at all!

Unconvinced by Owen-san’s retort, I pouted, and Owen-san noticed my demeanor and scratched his head.

“Ah~… weren’t you just admitted to the Adelia Academy? … In that case, you haven’t used magic of this scale within the academy, right?”
“Huh? Umm…”

I wonder about that?
I have used some small magic, but I should be fine, probably…?

“You know, unless you’re aiming to become a high-ranking member of the Magic Order in the future or something, it’s better to refrain from openly using such large-scale magic.”

The Magic Order? The Knights Order primarily specializes in close combat using weapons like swords, while the Magic Order is skilled in long-range combat using magic. I remember Tirie-san once said something like, “Becoming the head of the Magic Order isn’t just a dream for you”…


“I don’t particularly want to join the Magic Order…”
“In that case, save your use of magic, and pretend that the magic you can use isn’t anything special. Otherwise, before you even graduate from the academy, you might be drafted into the Magic Order, and you might be treated as a weapon.”

Just for creating a wall, why would I be treated as a weapon?!

“If you can create such a sturdy wall instantly with earth magic, it would be valuable for things like building trenches and fortifications on the battlefield. Depending on the distance from the shore, a stone wall from underwater… For example, if you were to thrust pointed pillars from the ship’s bottom, you could sink enemy ships at will, and it would be effective against cavalry too. In that case, you could be used as a valuable strategic asset, don’t you think so?”

Now that it’s explained like that, it makes sense.
I had just thought of it as a simple wall, but depending on how it’s used, it could have a significant impact on warfare.

“Owen, I have no intention of sending my daughter to the battlefield. Let’s refrain from instilling such unsettling thoughts in her.”

Otousama stood between Owen-san and me, with Kurogane and Mashiro flanking me as if to protect me.

“We are here to protect our Lord, so there’s no need to worry.”
“That’s right!”

Owen-san let out a deep sigh as he looked at my guardians.

“Duke, I understand that your daughter is precious, but even just as a Sacred Beast Contractor, she stands out. If it’s recognized that she can be useful in war, not only as a deterrent force due to the Sacred Beasts to other nations but also as a military asset herself, that would be natural. Currently, it’s peaceful, but if a war were to break out, as a noble of the Doristan Kingdom, it would be difficult to refuse a request. You should understand the danger of not properly educating her about this situation, given your current position, shouldn’t you?”

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