Chapter 565.2

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Dangerous me!?
“However, you see, Cristea is still a child…”
“Did you witness the exchange between Miss Mariel and Ruby-sama earlier? Regardless of guardians, us adults, and even the Sacred Beasts’ protection, there’s no guarantee that there won’t be any weaknesses somewhere. Miss Cristea must be aware of this and act cautiously. Otherwise, everyone may regret what we did here today.”

Otousama was taken aback by Owen-san’s stern words. It was unusual for Otousama, who usually didn’t show such an attitude towards his subjects, to appear weak. This indicated that Otousama also understood that Owen-san’s argument was correct.

“Otousama, Owen-san is right.”

While I have the awareness of being a wielder of immense magic power, there is still a sense of complacency in me, thinking that I am protected somewhere. It’s pathetic, really.
In reality, I’ve been helped by my family, Kurogane, Mashiro, and others countless times.

I stood next to Otousama, facing Owen-san.

“Owen-san, thank you for your advice. As a Sacred Beast Contractor, it’s already challenging to keep everything hidden, but I want to think it over while discussing with everyone.”
“Yeah, I think that’s a good idea.”
“Otousama, and Kurogane, Mashiro, please offer your guidance without pampering me too much. I will do my best in my own way.”

I bowed my head to Otousama and the others, and Owen-san nodded approvingly.


“Well, it’s widely known that you wield an immense amount of magic power, Miss Cristea. You could always say something like, ‘If I’m pushed too hard, my magic might go out of control and cause significant harm to my allies,’ or something like that, no?”

Owen-san jokingly said this while pressing both hands against his cheeks, and I couldn’t help but retort, “I don’t speak like that!” This led to everyone bursting into laughter. Gnnnh.
Mashiro and Kurogane were the only ones who said with smiles, “Should we take care of this guy?” So, calming them down was quite a task…

Afterward, they resumed the test firing of the magic tool using the newly set up target. Earlier, Owen-san had been fiddling with the dial on the cane, which looked like a decoration but had the feature of adjusting magic output up to five levels.
What’s with this bizarre feature…
After repeated test firings, they decided to primarily use the first and second dials, which could normally incapacitate any opponent, with the third dial for when they needed to use magic over a wide area. The maximum output fifth dial and the one just before it, the fourth dial, would only be used in extreme situations.

Furthermore, there was another hidden dial for combining magic stones of different attributes to increase power, but Otousama prohibited its use because it could result in outcomes even more dangerous than the maximum output of a single magic stone.
Mariel-chan also firmly stated, “I will never use it,” so it seemed that this magic would never see the light of day.

“Really, why did you include such a dangerous function…”

When Otousama placed his hand on his forehead and said such, Owen-san smiled and replied, “Well, using a magic tool with that much magic stones, pushing the limits of its power is quite a romantic endeavor, don’t you think?”
Owen-san, I don’t want YOU to say that my magic is strange ever again!
I was furious, but the men around me had reactions like, “Well, I kind of understand.” I couldn’t comprehend that!
Even Sei had a similar reaction, which surprised me.
Ugh, we who lived in peaceful Japan in a previous life wouldn’t understand this feeling… so Mariel-chan and I were both speechless.

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