Chapter 566.1

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Private Tutoring!?
After verifying the power of the cane, they all turned back to the wall that had been set up behind the target.

“You can even break a wall this though…?”

Owen-san walked along the ground where not only the traces of the attack but the wall itself had completely disappeared, muttering in amazement.
The ground had the color of freshly turned soil, but apart from that, I had left it with a hardness similar to the other parts, so it would probably not stand out in a few days.

“Since I made it, I can return it to its original state, you know?”

Even during the herd fishing at sea, I made sure to return everything to its original state!

“No, no, no. Returning a wall of that strength to ordinary soil would require more magic power than creating the wall in the first place, I think.”

… Is that so?
When I use a big magic, I just let the magic power flow recklessly, so I’m not really sure about the difference.

“… From that expression, it seems like you’re doing it unconsciously, right?”
“Cristea, that thing… are you deploying magic while consciously aware of the amount of magic power you need?”

Uh, Tirie-san and Otousama were pursuing it too accurately!

“Um, well… I’m kind of conscious of it to some extent~ I guess?”



“… Having too much magic power is also a problem in a way. Because you don’t know the difficulty of running out, there’s no need for you to adjust it…”

No, no, Tirie-san? When it comes to using fire magic to cook, I have to be careful with the heat, so I use magic power quite delicately, you know?
Because if I pour too much, the firepower increases and it turns into a charred mess.
Even if I want a gentle flame or low heat, I sometimes accidentally misadjust the output and end up with high firepower, ruining the dish.
It was really tough in the beginning.
Oh, but when I used earth magic to make a clay pot, I struggled with controlling magic power…
Yeah, yeah… as I reminisced about the early days of using magic after reincarnation, Otousama furrowed his brow and sighed.

“… I’ll request private tutoring of magic from Teacher Marlen.”

I vaguely remember learning about the amount of magic power to use when casting magic from Master Marlen, but his lectures were so long that I just let them go in one ear and out the other.
Although Master Marlen seemed to enjoy watching me become proficient in high-level magic along the way… Isn’t it a bit too late for this now?!

“Um, Master Marlen… I mean, Teacher must be quite busy with returning to teaching at the academy, so I don’t think it’s possible for him to spare time for me…”

He happens to be supervising the use of the training grounds after the break for us, but there shouldn’t be much time for private lessons.

“It’s fine. Teacher Marlen has returned not only as an instructor but also in the capacity of… ahem, a supervisor.”

Master Marlen returned to the academy at Otousama’s request?
… Wait, didn’t he just say “supervisor” now?!

“As evidence, he shouldn’t be handling too many classes. If it’s the same as before his return, he should be teaching several subjects.”

Indeed, Master Marlen is top-notch not only in magic but also in the creation of magic tools and potions.
That’s why, despite the danger of my magic power running rampant, I was able to receive the best education with the minimum number of private tutors in seclusion on my estate.
Master Marlen, as well as Teacher Letia in manners and others, fearlessly took on the role of private tutors and guided me, and I am very grateful for that.
So, when I see people like Ronnie-sama who are happy about Master Marlen’s return to the academy, I can’t help but feel sorry for taking away the opportunity for other talented individuals to learn from excellent instructors because of me…

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