Chapter 566.2

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Private Tutoring!?
“Teacher Marlen seemed to enjoy his retirement in our territory quite a bit, but
obse… or rather, supervising you, seemed to be a source of the enjoyment for him.”

Otousama, just now, you were about to say observation, right?

But I somehow understand.
Master Marlen volunteering to be the supervisor of the training grounds wasn’t just a coincidence when he had free time.
It seems like I’m being watched, which doesn’t feel great, but he is being considerate enough to keep my secrets from the other teachers and senior supervisors, so he doesn’t unknowingly slip up.

For example, if it were Teacher Neil as the supervisor, he would likely investigate anything related to my contract with the two Sacred Beasts.
Well, in Teacher Neil’s case, his primary interest is in Kurogane and Mashiro, so I shouldn’t worry too much.
But with the other teachers and seniors, it could lead to unnecessary complications if rumors started.
I have to be careful.
For now, with Ronnie-sama and the others around after the break, it seems best for me to behave quietly.
But in that case, wouldn’t Mariel-chan, practicing magic using her cane, stand out? Is that okay?

“… Cristea, are you listening over there?”
“Huh? … Uh, y-yes!”

Oops, I was in the middle of a conversation with Otousama.

“Phew… Anyway, I’ll talk to Master Marlen, so consult with him after the break.”
“Ugh… Okay.”

Well, there’s no choice.
I just asked him not to be too indulgent, so I need to handle this properly.

“Ueeh, so Miss Cristea was Teacher Marlen’s beloved disciple, huh? Maybe I won’t get a chance to teach her how to make magic tools.”

Owen-san said disappointingly.
But I have no plans to learn how to make magic tools from Master Marlen either, and I don’t think I can create magic tools as peculiar as you, Owen-san.

“I can’t believe you. You still hadn’t given up?”


Tirie-san laughed while shrugging his shoulders.

“Well, you see, everything that Miss Cristea consults me about is so interesting. If you have someone with creative thinking and technical skills, just thinking about what incredible things she can creates is exciting, you see?”

Owen-san spoke with boyish, sparkling eyes, and it was heartwarming to watch, but please don’t involve me.

“I see. My daughter has talent, after all.”

Come on, Otousama, please stop with the parental pride right here.

As I gazed at Otousama with a half-hearted look, he cleared his throat as if to regain his composure.

“Cough… Well then, let’s call it a day for today. I’ve arranged for lunch, so please go and eat.”
“Ufufu, gladly! I was actually looking forward to it.”
“Umu. Of course, there will be delicious wine, won’t there?”

Tirie-san and Galvano Ojisama were interacting with your father as usual, but Owen-san suddenly became strangely agitated, muttering, “A-are we having lunch at the Duke’s residence? D-do I, do I even remember the table manners…?”

Well, it’s just lunch, so there’s no need to be so uptight…

Today’s lunch was sandwiches and consommé soup.
Owen-san, who was relieved when he was encouraged to eat them with his hands, devoured the Orc cutlet sandwich with soft, naturally leavened bread and the fluffy rolled omelet sandwich.
He said, “This meat is delicious! The bread is so soft, and what’s this, is it eggs?” He was genuinely surprised but enjoyed it so much that he ate a lot.
Yep, our cooks have really improved…
Well, they improved because I think they’re amazing.
Head Chef, stop peeking through the door crack and doing a victory pose!

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