Chapter 508.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Beautiful camaraderie…!?
“No, I won’t become a Knight.”
“Hah!? Why not? Let’s aim to become Knights together!”

Adry-sama looked with a face of desbelief at Sei, who shook his head calmly in refusal.

“I’m a foreign student, so there’s no way I could become a Knight in this country, right? Besides, I have to return home someday.”

… That’s right. Sei has to become the Emperor of Yahatul sooner or later.
If he was in Yahtul now, his life would be in danger, so he’s currently seeking refuge for now…

“… I see, you have to return… then, why would you choose a Knight course if you’re not going to be a Knight of this country? If you don’t want to be a Knight, you don’t have to choose the course!”
“I have mastered a different swordsmanship than this country’s. I am going to continue to master it, but I only know how to fight with other people of the same swordsmanship. So I’m going to learn the differences in swordsmanship and use that in my training from now on.”

Hearing Sei’s words, Adry-sama suddenly stood up and rebutted.

“What’s the difference between that and the jack of all trades you were talking about earlier?”
“You have to do a lot of other things to become a Knight, what I want is to understand the way my opponents fight in order to hone my own skills so that I don’t lose to them, do you think that is the same?”
“… It’s not.”

Just when I thought Adry-sama is going to huff in anger, he dropped down on the sofa with a dejection.

“I’m not going to do the magic tool course. But I’ll do my best in Monsterology. I’m not giving up on a Contracted Beast, either.”
“That appears to be your dream, and I think it’s a good one. Do your best.”
“Ahh… yeah. I will work hard!”

Adry-sama responded shyly to Sei, who cheered him on with a crisp expression on his face.
… Friendship between men is nice.
It’s so touching, like a scene from a shounen manga or something.
… Hey, Mariel-chan!?
I looked at Mariel-chan and saw that she was holding her mouth with both hands and trembling.
You know, Mariel-chan. You might be holding your mouth, but I can still hear you mumbling, “Oh my God, this is a divine… it’s so precious, so exciting…” under your breath.
I was thinking that it was time for Mariel-chan to experience my Ice magic, when I heard someone’s rumbling stomach.
Huh? That was not me, so… who?

“… Sorry. I’m starving.”

Hehe, it was Adry-sama who scratched his head in embarrassment.
He’s a growing boy… of course he would be hungry.
Alright, why don’t I go make a snack!


“Um, can you wait here for a moment? I will go prepare something.”
“Eh, is that okay?”
“Yes. Mariel-san, are you going to help me?”
“Eh!? Me!?”
“Yes. Well, come with me.”

I know that Mariel-chan’s cooking skills are terrible, but I couldn’t just leave her like this… so, I took her away.

“Y, yesh…”

Mariel-chan, no need to follow me with such a desperate expression.

Thus, I, Mariel-chan, Kurogane and Mashiro moved to the kitchen.

“You know, Mariel-san. You need to tone down your emotions a little more.”

I cautioned Mariel-chan, while casting a Clear spell on everyone.

“Ehehe, I’m ashamed. I couldn’t control my impulses…”
“Mariel-chan, if anyone finds out what you are thinking, you could be charged for disrespect, so please be more careful.”
“Yes! I will do my best!”

Mariel-chan reacted to the word “disrespect” with a startle and saluted.

“Okay, let’s make a snack together then.”
“Eh, am I really going to do it, too?”
“Naturally. Well, what should we make…?”

I’m sure even Mariel-chan can help in the kitchen, I think…

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