Chapter 524.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Form a contract with me!
“Ah~! So noisy! I told you I hate children’s high-pitched shrieks!”

When the Carbuncle shouted in a deep, rough voice, everyone froze stiff.
Eh… that just now was…?

“… Oh dear, what have I done?”

The Carbuncle put on its cap and placed its paws on the lap of the sitting Mariel-chan, and tilted his head back.

“Well, that being the case, best regards?”
“Y… yes. I will be in your care.”

Mariel-chan bowed cutely.
Guhh, so adorable! Mariel-chan and the fluffy rabbit by itself was picturesque adorableness!
Although I am a little concerned about its deep voice, I will have to ask Mariel-chan to let me pet it later.

“Errm… originally, you need to give the summoned monster a name to complete the contract, but… are you perhaps a name holder?”

Teacher Neil asked the Carbuncle, scratching his head.

“A name holder…?”

Byakko-sama answered my question with a small yawn mixed in.

(The monsters that have been contracted in the past will gain part of their contractor’s magic power when they pass away, thus gaining more power. They are called ‘name holders’. They can speak the language, and seeing as how it’s wearing a costume like that, there’s a good chance that they are one.)
“Heeh~ I see.”

In my case, Mashiro and Kurogane asked me to name them, so I had to worry about that, but it’s possible to have a name from the beginning, huh.

“Oh my, you are knowledgeable. I certainly am a name holder who was given a name before, but this is a fresh start for me, so I would like a new name. That being the case, please take care of my name, and basic necessities of life, okay?”

The Carbuncle requested while tilting its head cutely.


“Eh? Na, name? N, necessities of life…?”

While Mariel-chan felt puzzled, Teacher Neil squatted down to meet the Carbuncle’s eyes to speak.

“If you need a place to sleep, there is a room in my lab where Magic Beasts are being raised. What do you feed on?”

The Carbuncle’s mood plummeted when Teacher Neil asked with an expectant expression that clearly showed that he wanted to know more about the Carbuncle.

“Hah? Are you being serious right now? Are you trying to lock up this great me in a cage? Stop kidding me! I firmly refuse!”

It stomped its foot harder than before, and then jumped and kicked Teacher Neil in the face.


The Carbuncle snorted out, when Teacher Neil lost his balance and fell backward. 

“I’m going to live in the same room as you.”

The Carbuncle declared with another snort.

“Eh, umm, pets aren’t allowed in the dormitory, so…”
“Hah? Don’t treat me as a pet.”
“B, but, I share a room with other students…”
“Then do something about it.”

Mariel-chan was answering in a fluster, but the Carbuncle showed no sign of relenting.

“Owow… Mariel-kun, you will be transferred to the Special dormitory starting today. I will let Mrs. Dora know.”
“Eh? The Special dorm… o, okay!”

Mariel-chan replied happily.
Ehhh, Mariel-chan is going to be transferred to the special dormitory!?

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