Chapter 137

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Let’s serve it at once.
Good morning. It’s Cristea.
Today’s morning also started in mofumofu paradise.
If there was a change, that would be Kaguya who probably tried to enter in the night and was having nightmares while pressed under Kurogane.

“Morning, everyone… Kurogane, get off of Kaguya please?”
“Mu, you are awake, Lord? This fellow has conceitedly schemed to rest by Lord’s side, so I have obstructed her.”

Fufun, he accumulated all the smugness.

“… Didn’t I try to replenish my magical power just a little bit while she was sleeping?”
“Is learning by experience alien to you?”

Kurogane flung away Kaguya again.

“What is it! I’m a contract beast too, aren’t we companions!?”
“Ha, ridiculous. I desired the contract. I’m different from you who happened to form a contract in the course of events.”

… Desired? Not intruding during the contract time??? Kurogane-san???

“Cristea, morning~… the one that doesn’t know her place sure is noisy since the morning.”

Good morning, Mashiro. You are harsh right from the morning, huh??

“Everyone, I’m glad you are in high spirits since the morning but do get along, okay…?”

… I would be a bit troubled if this were to be every morning’s scene…


Now then. I will be using the long-awaited katsuobushi for today’s breakfast!

Everyone was noisy, Give me a taste! Gimme! so I let them stay in the room and moved to the kitchen.

I was told “Stop playing carpenter in the kitchen” by Shin, but I continued shaving without getting disheartened.

I made dashi with konbu and katsuobushi I made a standard miso soup first.
I boiled greens for Ohitashi. Of course, I didn’t forget about Okaka.
Then, I made Dashimaki Tamago with the custom-made copper omelet pan I ordered from Galvano Ojisama.
All that’s left is nukadzuke…

“It’s done…”

It’s a Japanese breakfast. It’s perfect, I can’t say that yet.
Recalling the breakfast I had while staying at ryokan in my past life, didn’t I do well? I was pleased with myself.


“Cristea, this morning’s breakfast is…!”

Otousama’s eyes were sparkling. He loves Japanese-style breakfast after all.

I have been avoiding making all Japanese meal with His Highness here, but I have no need to hold back in front of a person who gifted me umeboshi! So, I made a peerless Japanese-style breakfast today.
… Well, I went out of control because I got my hands on katsuobushi.

“Hee… are these Yahatul dishes? The soup has a deep taste and tastes good.”

Ohh, it seems that Oniisama likes miso soup too. Good, good!

“Cristea, I feel that the miso soup is more delicious than usual, but?”

Oh? As expected of Otousama. He realized, huh.

“Dashi… I have improved the soup stock. I plan to improve the other dishes from now on too.”
“That so! I’m looking forward to it!”

Otousama gulped down his meal in high spirits. Delicious breakfast is the energy for the entire day, isn’t it?

“Miss Cristea, there are wood chips on top of the leaves, but…?”

… I thought you would say that! Prince Ray!
Did you think that the repulsive food eating lady would eat even wood!?

“… Those are not wood chips. It’s a processed and thinly shaved sea fish. Try eating it together with those greens… Ohitashi.”
“G, got it… n? What is this…? Even though it’s just a leaf, it becomes this tasty when eaten together…?”

Isn’t that right, isn’t that right? Fufun.

“This is… an egg? What an amusing shape.”
“It’s Dashimaki Tamago. It’s thinly cooked rolled up eggs.”
“Yeah. It tastes different from an omelet… this is also yummy!”

I thought that Tamagoyaki was Prince Ray’s favorite, but it seems that he likes Dashimaki Tamago too. How unexpected. Maybe I should have put the two next to each other and watch his reaction?

The breakfast that was made with a plentiful of katsuobushi was popular even with His Highness the Crown Prince. Yay!
With this, the ban on Japanese-style cuisine in our house has been lifted!

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