Chapter 271

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Earnest and… pearmeating.
“I prepared rice porridge as this morning’s breakfast’s main dish.”
“Hou, your cooking, huh. It’s been a while.”

Otousama said happily. Alright, alright… he took the bait!

“I thought you might be tired since you have been attending parties all this time since the end of the year, so I made porridge to soothe your body. Especially you, Otousama. You have been working all day long and must have drunk lots of alcohol, right?”

In fact, I originally wanted to make Seven Herb Rice Porridge, but I have never searched around this mansion for herbs before and I don’t know whether I would be able to find seven suitable herbs in the first place. Therefore, I thought to at least make light on stomach rice porridge.

“Cristea… you are worried about my body…”
“Otousama is working vigorously for us and the citizens every single day after all… there are not many things I can do for you, so I should care about your body at the very least.”

Ahh… I’m glad to have a daughter…! Otousama was overcome with emotions.
… Alright, the current flow is good. I decided to approach Otousama in a casual manner later and eat breakfast for now.

“Rice porridge is good even when simply flavored with salt, but please add Umeboshi or Sharken pieces if you’d like.”
“Umu. I will have Sharken pieces.”

Otousama picked up the small bowl with Sharken pieces and placed them on top of the rice porridge.

“Let’s see… I will have it with Umeboshi, I think?”

Okaasama took a small amount of Umeboshi and lightly mixed it into her porridge.

“Hmm… I will try it with salt only first.”

Oh my, how unexpected. Is Oniisama a simple person? I think Oniisama would be able to enjoy many flavors, then?

Now then, as for me.
Hmm, it’s difficult to throw away Sharken, but let’s go with Umeboshi first?
Umeboshi’s sourness will wake up my appetite for the Sharken pieces. Alright, let’s do it like that.

Like Okaasama, I scooped out the Umeboshi and lightly mixed it into my porridge. After carrying a spoon into my mouth, the deliciousness of the rice and the occasional sourness spread through my mouth.

… Ahh… what a gentle flavor… so permeating… although my stomach is not tired, it heals my mental fatigue. Citric acid hooray!

Finishing eating in no time, I had another helping, this time with Sharken.
The saltines might be excessive… while thinking so, I added plenty of Sharken.

… Haa… what a doubtless taste.
I have plenty of Sharken thanks to Mashiro, so it can be used extravagantly.
Occasionally adding Umeboshi to change the taste, I finished two bowls while licking my lips.

Otousama had another serving of Sharken, Umeboshi, Sharken, Umeboshi and once again Sharken.

… Even though it’s porridge for the stomach, is there a meaning to it if you eat so much…?
W, well, I’m glad he enjoyed it…

Now then, all that’s left is to find the timing to speak with Otousama about meeting Leon-sama…

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