Chapter 429

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The shadow standing in my way.
After finishing our dessert pudding, we left the room, leaving Miria to clean up.
After saying goodnight to Sei and the others in the hall, we parted ways and I went back to my room and pondered how I was going to spend the time until Miria returned.
I told Miria to get some food before she returned, so it would be a while before she returned.
I thought about making a cup of tea, but I wasn’t really in the mood for it.

“Right, Miria said the bath is ready, so maybe I should go in before she returns?”

As I was about to head straight for the bathroom, Kaguya stood in my way, blocking me.

(Stop right there! What about my food? You left without leaving me with anything to eat! I’m tired of waiting!)
“Don’t say we left you behind. Wasn’t it you who ran away to hide when I tried taking you with us?”
(I, I didn’t run away! That was just, yeah, a strategic withdrawal! In the first place, I would lose my appetite eating with those scary fellows!)
“So you were scared and ran away, after all… well, it’s not like I don’t understand your feelings after they forcefully turned you into your humanoid form and played with you like a dress-up doll.”
(It’s not about that! You dyon’t knyow how shcary thoshe guysh awe… ra, rather than that, gimme food, food I say! Quickly take it out!)

What is this, extortion?
While interjecting in my mind, it’s true that I made her wait, so I decided to go ahead and serve Kaguya her food.

(I want that! Karaage! Give me Karaage! And also bonito onigiri)

Kaguya tapped the floor with her paw as she made a request in front of a plate.
Karaage, huh… well, I do have it…

“Yes, here you go. Bonito onigiri is… here.”

I can keep track of the types of onigiri in my inventory so I can easily retrieve them as I wish. And they are still hot and freshly made.
I’ve got a large stockpile of them at the moment, but I’m afraid they’re going to run out pretty quickly at this rate, because Kaguya tends to be biased towards requesting them.

(Hot! You know that I have a cat’s tongue, so you shouldn’t be serving me something this hot!)

Even though she complained like a mother-in-law, she could not wait and started eating greedily, so I used water magic and poured her a bowl of cold drinking water.

“How nice…”

When I turned around at the mumbling voices, Mashiro and Kurogane were staring at Kaguya with envy.
Oh yeah… You were following me, so you had to eat the dormitory food.
This state of affairs must be enviable for the two of them, who are fond of eating the food that is filled with my magical power.

“You two can still eat, right? I’ll serve you the same thing, so you guys eat up. I’ll go take a bath in the meantime.”
“Yes! Thank you, Cristea!”
“Lord… I’m grateful.”

I set out the Karaage and onigiri on the table and watched as Mashiro and Kurogane sat down happily before heading to the bathroom.

Miria had prepared a bath for me, so I soaked comfortably in the bath that was kept at a water temperature exactly to my liking.
The bathtub is a magic tool, and it has a function to keep the water at a temperature that has decided on.
When you touch the magic stones attached to the edge of the bathtub, you can reheat the water or make it more lukewarm.
So far, it has the functions of filling, boiling, cooling, and keeping the water warm.
But I wonder if you can add a jet bath or a massage function to this one.
There should be a class for creating magic tools, so I think I will try to find out whether such functions can be added.

… The quickest way would be to ask the magic tool master in the craftsmen district back in the fief, but…
He has the skills, but he was labeled as a madman and driven out of the capital…
All of the magic tools that I requested through Galvano Ojisama were excellent, but I was surprised to find that they were delivered with a user’s manual that described in detail the difficulties they faced in developing them.
I was told by Tirie-san, the Guild Master of the Adventurer’s Guild, who knows the magic tool master, that I was locked on as “someone who understands and is interested in magic tools” because I was making a special order.
“Oh my, aren’t you popular, Cristea-chan?” He said pleasantly.
I also heard from Galvano Ojisama that he told him “Let me talk with the client at least once!”.
To be honest, it felt like trouble so I declined politely.
This is the academy’s facility, and of the special dormitory at that, so I cannot ask him to come.
I was getting dizzy from the hotness, so I got out of the bathtub in a hurry.


Just as I left the bathroom, Miria came back.

“Cristea-sama, how did you like the water?”
“The water is good. Thank you. Did you get enough to eat?”
“Yes, thank you very much for your concern. Oh my, Cristea-sama, you must dry your hair properly.”

Smiling serenely, Miria took me into the living room and carefully wiped me down with the towel I had wrapped around me.

”Hey, Miria. I thought of doing as much as I can by myself as a student while in the dormitory and academy as a whole.”
“If I’m pushed to say, then you are already doing more by yourself than any other young lady, though…?”

Miria said in puzzlement.
Other ladies, they sleep in late in the morning and have their maids gently wake them up, get them dressed, and have their meals cooked and arranged.
As for me, I wake up as early as the maids, do morning yoga, change the clothes by myself, and even go to the kitchen to make breakfast…….yes, she’s right.

“Well, you know, from now on, when the kitchen becomes available, I’ll be cooking for you, won’t I? I’m sure I’ll get you to help from time to time, but basically I’m hoping I can do other work during that time and have meals together.”
“No, I am your servant, so having meals together would be…”
“Miria, will you please eat together with me in this special dormitory? Please.”

Earlier, I imagined Miria eating alone at an empty table.
Back home, the table would be lively with other servants around, but I couldn’t stand the thought of her having to be eating all alone.

“There’s nothing I can do if you want to eat alone in peace, but I’d like to have enjoyable meals together with you. Please.”

I raised my body from the sofa I was leaning against and took the hands of Miria who were wiping my hair.

“… Understood. However, I will do the serving. Cristea-sama, please don’t take my job away from me, okay?”

Miria smiled softly back at me who was staring at her intensively and grasped my hands back.

“Yeah! Of course!”

Thank goodness, Miria is a maid who is like my big sister. I don’t want to see her eat alone.

“That being decided, let’s pester Teacher Neil tomorrow to vacate the kitchen! You will help me, right?”
“Yes, I shall assist you. Now, Cristea-sama. Let’s get your hair dried?”

I leaned back against the couch again, urged by the giggling Miria.

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