Chapter 430

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Now! To the kitchen!
The next morning, I woke up early to finish my usual morning yoga, dressed myself up and headed downstairs for breakfast.
I did not forget to leave behind some grilled sharken and bonito onigiri for Kaguya who was still peacefully sleeping in my bed.
When we get back, I will have to serve it to Kurogane and Mashiro as well.

“Good morning.”

When I entered the conference room that served as the dining room, Sei, Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama were already seated and eating breakfast.

“Oh, good morning, Miss Cristea.”
“What’s up, Missy.”
“Good morning to you too, Cristea-sama.”

Looking carefully, their eating pace was obviously slower than when they ate at my house, and they were all fidgety… it seems that they are reluctantly forcing themselves to eat.
Ugh… I have to make sure I can use the kitchen as soon as possible.

“Yawnn… oh. Morning, everyone.”

Teacher Neil entered the conference room while yawning.
With a sleepy look, he took out a tray with the breakfast set from the item box and took a seat. Then, although he picked up the bread with a dull expression, he was… fighting with it because he couldn’t manage to bite it off. After somehow managing to take a bite and chewing, he gave up and proceeded to eat the soup.
Teacher Neil’s eating habits also look dangerous… he looks fraily slender, and he’s presumably absorbed in researching Sacred and Magic Beasts, so he probably doesn’t eat proper meals.
I feel the need to feed him as well after the kitchen is cleared out.
Teacher Neil becomes a troublesome person when it comes to Sacred or Magic Beasts, but he seems to listen when the favor comes from the Sacred Beasts, so I believe he’s accomodation to a degree…

“Teacher Neil, I would like to clean the kitchen today, would that be okay with you?”
“Mugu? A, ahh~… yep, sure… but I wonder if you are not too hasty? You have preparations to do for the entrance ceremony too, no?”

When I called out to Teacher Neil, he was just trying to swallow a piece of bread, but he somehow managed to get it down as he replied to me in a fluster.

“I think it would be better to do this early. I think it would be difficult to make time for it after the entrance ceremony. Besides, my preparations for the ceremony are already done, so you don’t need to worry.”

When I told him smilingly, Teacher Neil replied “Okay…” in a low voice.
Teacher Neil said there are still some things he has to clear out, so I couldn’t go there right away, so I have decided to go to the kitchen later.
Well, I also don’t have the courage to see the disaster that is the kitchen right after eating, so I decided that I should return to my room.
After seeing Teacher Neil leave the conference room, I handed over onigiri, tamagoyaki, and Orc soup donburi to Sei. I did not forget about the share for Seiryu-sama and Genbu-sama who had not been revealed as of yet.

“I appreciate it. I will help you with the kitchen cleaning.”
“Ohh, thank ye Missy! I will help you out too!”
“Thank you so much! I shall assist you as well!”

There was nothing special to do before the cleaning, so for the time being, the three stored the food in their inventories and left to their room.
Since we also had time, I returned to my room to let Kurogane and Mashiro eat.


After a while, Teacher Neil contacted me via the communication magic tool, so we headed downstairs.
Teacher Neil was waiting for us in the hall.

“Hey, I conveyed your message to Sei-kun’s group.”
“Thank you very much.”

When he contacted me, I asked him to contact Sei as well.
I wish my communication magic tool was connected to the one in Sei’s room…

“Sorry to have kept you waiting.”

While thinking absentmindedly, Sei’s group arrived.

“Alright, let me guide you to the kitchen then.”

Teacher Neil said such and guided us to the kitchen.
At last, the kitchen… I don’t have the slightest idea about what kind of den of thieves it is.
Resolving myself to ruining one of my favorite aprons, I tightly hugged it close to my chest as I followed Teacher Neil.

“Err… the kitchen is at the end of the corridor opposite the conference room. This is the dormitory manager’s office and my room.”

The door Teacher Neil pointed at had a plaque on it that said “Dormitory Manager Office”.

“This room and the room next to it have access to the garden protected by a barrier. They are rooms specifically made for contractors with Sacred and Magic Beasts that can only be cared for outdoors. There’s a beasthouse in the garden, too.”

A room with a garden, huh… how nice. Kaguya wouldn’t have to stay indoors all the time.
But then, my room would be next to Teacher Neil’s, so… nope, nono, no way~
Let’s just ask Miria to occasionally take Kaguya out when I am away on my lessons. All the stress in her would built up by staying indoors all the time. I did register Kaguya’s magical power with the door’s lock just in case and it might be possible for her to touch the magic stone if she jumps, but I don’t think she would be able to open the door by herself.
While thinking such, we made it to the end of the corridor.

“This is where the dining room and the kitchen is.”
Teacher Neil said and opened the door for me, and I looked in with trepidation.

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