Chapter 431

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Eh!? The hell is this!?
I resolvedly went inside the special dormitory’s kitchen.
… Or so was my intention, but what I saw in front of me was not the horrific scene I had imagined, where blood splatters were sticking to the walls and floor like in a horror movie.
Although there was some dust collecting in the corners of the room, the tools were arranged in an orderly fashion, so that dismantling could begin at any time.

“Eh…? It’s surprisingly clean…?”

When I spontaneously muttered such, Teacher Neil turned towards me with an expression that was declaring: “Naturally!”

“Isn’t that obvious? It’s the meal for the precious Magic beasts we are talking about! Dismantling should be handled quickly and efficiently and served fresh! Well, in my case, I can keep it in the Magic Box, so if I dismantle something, I can keep it stored for a while, though. But if we are able to find other good materials or research materials, this is the least I can do to ensure a quick dismantling!”

Teacher Neil began to explain the dismantling tools as he spoke with a smug look on his face.

“… Do I really have to put them away? If I could at least leave the tools where they are…”
“No way.”

Teacher Neil was looking at me with a sorrowful face, but I rejected him in an instant.

“It’s convenient like this since I can dismantle materials immediately, though… Some specimens prefer eating organs, so I’d like to dismantle them in the most hygienic environment possible.”

Oof, you don’t have to explain that to me…
I won’t let everyone’s food be cooked in the same place the dismantling is taking place, okay!

“… The dismantling shed only has to be kept clean and keep the rain and wind away, right?”

If this is the case, I can ask Otousama to get the craftsmen to build it right away… or I can build a sturdy shed with my signature Earth magic. Let’s deal with it as soon as possible.

“Well, yes… it would be nice if I could sleep there, too.”
“… Hah?”

Sleep? When I heard Teacher Neil’s words, I noticed a mess of writing utensils on the table in the dining space and a blanket rolled up.

“Teacher, surely not… you were not sleeping in here, were you…?”
“Eh? Ahh, that? Well… dismantled monsters are a subject of my research too, so I write down my thoughts after feeding everyone, but I often get sleepy and just fall asleep. The table is hard, but it’s not impossible to sleep on it, so…”
“How dare you sleep on a table that is used to prepare food! Moreover, your room is not that far from here, why don’t you just rest properly in your own bed!? If you fall ill because of that, won’t the monsters be too pitiful!?”

It would be pity if Teacher’s Monkey-chan and other enslaved Magic Beasts get starved because of his poor health.
Besides, I’ve heard that Magic Beasts sometimes attack their enslavers when they’re weak in order to free themselves.
That would be a big deal if that happened!

“… Miss Cristea.”


… Ah, this is bad. No matter how hopeless case he is, I shouldn’t scold a teacher…!

“U, umm, I am sor-”
“… You were that worried about me and my monsters? Oh my, that makes me so happy!”
“… N?”
“You need not to worry about me so much, I’ve been training myself so that I could work with the enslaved monsters for a while! But, since Miss Cristea is worried about me, I shall do my best to rest in my room from now on!”

Please, this is not something you should be trying your best at, just rest in your own room… no umm, you don’t have to act all bashful.

“A, anyhow! Keep all of your dismantling tools in one place please. Let’s move them as soon as the shed is built!”
“… I will throw it all out if you don’t take them away right now, alright?”
“They are in the way, let’s just throw them away.”
“Yes, I will do it! I will do it right away!”

As soon as Kurogane and Mashiro, who stood behind me, glared at him, the reluctant Teacher Neil started moving his tools in a hurry.
Teacher Neil does things properly if Sacred Beasts or Magic Beasts are involved, but why is he so messy when it comes to himself and others…
I think I’ve learned a lot in the past few days as to why Oniisama treats Teacher Neil so roughly…

“The chairs and tables can be used if polished, and there seems to be no problem with the water supply either. The magic stones seem to be usable still… but the magic stove is of the old type just as I thought. I would like to change this for a newer one if possible, should I consult with Otousama?”
“Cristea-sama, let’s talk with Mrs. Dora first. You might need to get permission first, after all. I will write down what needs to be replaced for you.”

As expected of Miria. What a capable maid she is…!

“Thank you, Miria. I would like you to tell her that I’d like to increase the number of stoves and that I can donate them from my personal assets.”

I then checked the magic oven, and finally stood in front of the refrigeration room.
I could feel a chilly cold air coming from near the door of the refrigeration room, so it looks like it’s operating.
… That means Teacher Neil is using it, right?
The whole kitchen was surprisingly clean except for a few parts, so I guess it should be okay, but I’m a little afraid to open it because I don’t know what’s inside.

“I mean, he said he was storing what he dismantled in the magic box, so… he’s surely storing vegetables and fruits in here, right?”

Some monsters must be herbivorous children, so he must be storing their food in here.

“First of all, I have to make sure what’s inside…”

When I opened the door to the refrigeration room, the object that greeted me first was an Orc head.

“…!? I, it’s a head…!?”

And so, I fainted.

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