Chapter 432

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I’m sorry!
“… -sama! Cristea-sama!”

Hearing Miria’s voice, I opened my eyes slightly.

“Cristea-sama! You woke up! … I’m glad.”

Miria stared at me with a relieved look.

“… Miria? I…”
“You have collapsed as soon as you looked into the cold room. How do you feel? Should I call for a doctor?”

Right. Seeing a freshly severed Orc head in the cold room, I lost consciousness.

“No, I’m fine. Errm, this is…”

Looking around to confirm, I was apparently lying on the sofa in the lounge.
I told Kurogane and Mashiro not to warp casually, so they didn’t warp me in front of Teacher Neil, I hope.
Besides, the room is protected by barrier magic, so they couldn’t warp here directly and most likely carried me here.
Speaking of which, I don’t see Kurogane or Mashiro around.
Normally, at times like this, they would stick to me and wouldn’t leave me alone…

“Where are Kurogane and Mashiro?”

When I asked, Miria looked worriedly towards the kitchen.

“Umm… after carrying you here, they said they were going to correct Teacher Neil and left you in my care after leaving to the kitchen.”

I can only imagine something horrible.

“By coincidence, Sei-sama and Byakko-sama just came down, so they accompanied them…”

Ah, is that so? That makes me feel a bit relieved… no, it’s still too early for that.

“Anyhow, let’s go to the kitchen first.”

I rushed to the kitchen, hand in hand with Miria.

“Kurogane, Mashiro!”
“Lord! Are you okay!?”

When I returned to the kitchen, Teacher Neil stood in front of the cold room as if trying to protect it, while Kurogane and Mashiro were surrounding him.
When I called out, the two immediately rushed over to me.

“Yes, I’m fine. Sorry for making you worry.”
“Lord, we will do something about this, so you go back to your room to rest.”
“Should I accompany you back?”

The two looked at me worriedly.
They will do something about this, he says. Rather, I came here to stop you from doing that.

“It’s fine. I only got startled earlier. Besides, what kind of situation is this?”
“Miss Cristea! Ohh, I’m glad! Please, this is just a misunderstanding! I definitely wasn’t trying to harm you!”

Teacher Neil half-crying as he stood in front of the cold room, guarding the door with shaky legs.

“It’s no use trying to deceive us. To frightened our Lord… you fool.”

Teacher Neil let out a small scream at the intimidation released by Kurogane, so I stopped him in a panic.


“Stop it, Kurogane! Teacher Neil is not at fault!”
“However, didn’t you collapse because of this fellow, Lord?”
“I made a mistake by opening the door without knowing what was inside. It was unavoidable since it happened before Teacher Neil could clean up.”
“But, the reason you collapsed was because that fellow stored something strange inside, no?”
“Eh, it’s nothing strange, okay!? I was planning on giving this to the Magic Beasts today!”

Teacher Neil seemed to be relieved by my words and denied Mashiro desperately.
Ueehh… this freshly severed head was a lunch for the Magic Beasts!?

“I’m glad you came, Miss Cristea. These two looked as if they would attack Teacher Neil in just a moment.”

Sei seemed relieved because I came.

“It would be difficult for me alone to stop these two, so I’m glad you came.”

It seems that Byakko-sama also stood between Teacher Neil and the two to stop them.

“Sei-sama, Byakko-sama, thank you very much for your consideration. Teacher Neil, I’m sorry for opening the door on my own. I’m also sorry for Kurogane and Mashiro causing you trouble.”

When I lowered my head sincerely, Kurogane and Mashiro stood before me in a panic.

“Lord! You have no need to do something like this!”
“You are not at fault, Cristea!”

I raised my head and looked at the two.

“Kurogane, Mashiro, I’m very happy that you were worried about me, thank you.”

I smiled at the two and then continued with a serious look.

“But you know, you cannot condemn or hurt Teacher Neil because of your own misunderstanding. Moreover, if you made a mistake, I would be the one to take responsibility for your actions as your master. You have to abide by the rules while we live here.”
“… Forgive me. I lost my head after Lord fainted.”
“… I’m sorry.”

Kurogane and Mashiro turned towards Teacher Neil and apologized dejectedly.

“N, no… it’s fine. As long as the misunderstanding is resolved… ha, haha… it was my negligence as I thought no one would open the door…”

Geez. But I was the one who urged him to vacate the kitchen in a hurry, and Teacher Neil couldn’t finish moving everything so suddenly, so this was just an unfortunate accident. Yeah, it couldn’t be helped.

“Teacher, I’m sorry to say this, but we will be keeping ingredients for everyone in there from now on, so please stop storing them in that state, okay?”
“Y, yes… eh? everyone’s,”

Teacher Neil seemed to question my words as he replied with a twitchy smile.

“Yes, I will be preparing everyone’s food as much as I can from now on.”

I replied with a big smile on my face.

Instead of sneaking around and making something just for us, why don’t I make something for everyone? That’s what I think.
I cooked a lot at the mansion, so it’s not that hard to cook for this many people.
And it’s better to eat together!

“… That being the case, everyone. We are going to clean out the kitchen now!”

I clapped my hands and declared.
Now, now, Byakko-sama. Please don’t get so blatantly happy and defeated without even trying to hide it!
Those who don’t work, don’t eat, okay!

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