Chapter 433

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What about the dismantling shed?
After that, Suzaku-sama joined us too and thanks to everyone’s hard work in the cleaning of the kitchen, it was completely clean.
Of course, I didn’t forget to cast clear magic on the entire kitchen and the cold room.

“Fuu… it looks somewhat usable now.”

I discovered that the skillets, pots, and pans were also stored in the pantry, so I carefully polished only the ones that looked usable and put them back on the shelf.
Now all I need to do is get out the tools I put in my inventory.
Then, I need to take out the ingredients… and then I remembered that my inventory was full of pre-cooked foods.
I took out the note I had stored in my inventory, pretending to pull it out of my pocket, and called Miria as I wrote down the fundamental seasonings and ingredients.

“Miria, could you please order the ingredients written on this note?”

Miria received the note and headed to the girls’ dormitory to request placement of an order from Mrs. Dora.

“Now then… I think the kitchen is passable now. All that’s left is…”

I looked at the worn-out Teacher Neil who was prostrating on the table.
I forced to Teacher Neil to vacate his dismantling room, so I need to find a place to replace it, or he won’t be able to prepare food for the magic beasts that are under his care.

“Teacher, where would you like the new dismantling shed to be?”
“… Eh? Ahh… let’s see. Erm, over there…”

Teacher Neil sluggishly stood up and he somewhat wobblingly made it to the door opposite to the pantry.

“That reminds me. If you guys are going to use this place then you better register yourselves first.”

He took a key out of his pocket while saying that, so we all registered our magic powers so we can leave in and out freely.
I will have to help Miria register later.
Following after Teacher Neil who opened the door, and we arrived at a tasteless area that had what looked like a dirt floor from my previous life.

“That door is connected to the outside, and its access is limited only to the people registered. The food is supposed to be delivered here. Outsiders aren’t allowed to enter the dormitory or the kitchen, so they bring the food here instead. I don’t think you will ever be dragged out or kidnapped out of here… but it’s just in case.”
“I, I see.”

Teacher Neil, I would like it if you didn’t say something so scary.

“Then, this way. You can go out to the garden from here.”

After Teacher Neil took us to a different door that led outside the dormitory, we registered our magic power again and then proceeded onward. I then saw a large garden.
The garden trees didn’t seem to have been particularly well-kept, but I didn’t mind because it overflowed with rural beauty, I guess…

“Erm, I would like it if the shed could be built here, but… I wonder if there’s a carpenter who would take care of it for me right away. I just dismantled the Orc so I will be fine for a few days, but… hmm, I guess I will hang it onto this tree for now.”

Teacher pointed to space right outside the door and was contemplating whether to dismantle and hang it onto the large tree right next to it for now.
Ehh… to dismantle in an open space like this, am I not going to collapse again if I accidentally come across the scene? I would like to avoid that.
If we don’t build a dismantling shed as soon as possible, it’s going to be problematic for us and the other monsters alike.
All right!

“Does the shed have to be very big?”
“Let’s see… I mainly use large Orcs to feed to my magic beasts. As long as I have space to hang that thing up and dismantle it on a stand, I should be fine.”

“The area from here to here should be enough~” Teacher Neil walked out and indicated the desired size of the area.


“I see… understood. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

I placed both of my hands on the ground, and activated Earth magic while imagining a shed forming in Teacher Neil’s desired space.
Rumble, rumble… the earth gradually rose, forming walls and ceiling, and then the floor hardened.
Hmm, when it comes to dismantling, the blood and other stuff will have to be washed away, so I made a ditch for drainage, and the concrete floor was sloped just a little bit to make it easier to the liquid to flow out…

“… There. How about something like this?”

Since the windows and doorways for ventilation have been left open, we have no choice but to call a carpenter to make the window frames and door.
I have done so much, so it should be manageable to dismantle here for the time being.
Ah, we will need to install a magic tool that drains water too.
Since this is quite expensive, I will have to ask my father to donate one as soon as possible, yes.
When I stood up and looked back at everyone, Teacher Neil was staring at me with his mouth wide open while Kurogane, Mashiro and Byakko-sama were “Ahh~…” looking at me as if they wanted to say something. Suzaku-sama was just smiling at me.
… Huh?

“M, Miss Cristea. Was that… Earth magic just now?”
“Eh, umm, yes. That’s right…”

… Crap.
Come to think of it, when we went to catch fish in the ocean, didn’t Tirie-san say something like no child of my age could do something like that so well…?
No, it was even on a much smaller scale that time, no? So this was NG too!?

“Haha… well, I should say as expected of Duke Ellisfeed’s daughter. You must be quite a genius to do something like this.”

Teacher Neil said with his face cramping.

“… I was taught magic by Teacher Marlen, so.”

I was not taught how to build a shed, though.

“Oh, I see! So you’ve studied under Teacher Marlen. I see, it’s no wonder you are this capable then. Teacher Marlen’s magic lessons were always strict…”

Teacher Neil muttered “Haha… well, you must have had it hard, yeah.” with a distant look on his face.
Just how strict were his lessons?
From their exchange in the Headmaster’s office, Teacher Marlen must have been a magicology teacher here during Teacher Neil’s student days… did I just manage to deceive him somehow?

“Teacher Marlen has been very enthusiastic teaching me. I’m grateful to him.”

I doubled down on the “It’s Teacher Marlen’s work”.
Teacher Marlen, I’m sorry.
However, there is no doubt that Teacher Marlen had a lot of fun teaching me, okay!

“… Miss Cristea, is there a need for you to study here?”

Teacher Neil asked me seriously.
Nono, I was biased towards what I learned before entering the academy, okay?
Besides, I also have the ambition of enjoying my school life with Mariel-chan and hopefully other friends. So, of course there’s a need!

“I’ve heard that there’s a lot to learn in the academy. I’m sure there’s a lot for a young person like me to gain.”
“… I see. Yeah, do your best.”

I replied “Yes!” with a big smile to Teacher Neil whose expression was cramping and promptly asked Kurogane and others to carry the dismantling tools over to keep things hazy for Teacher Neil.

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