Chapter 434

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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What should I make?
The problem of the dismantling space was somehow solved.
Alright, next would be the actual cooking… is what I thought, but Miria wasn’t back yet.
There is no way to cook without the essential ingredients.
I should have stored some ingredients in my inventory instead of just pre-made foods.
Then I could have just cheated and started cooking, saying: “I asked Miria to arrange it for me beforehand.”
If I take out a ready meal right away, Teacher Neil would doubt me when I managed to cook it.
Besides, I mainly prepared Japanese food for when I miss it, so Sei’s group aside, it would not be easy to serve it to Teacher Neil.
Haah, I have most of the Yahatul flavorings such as soy sauce and miso, but you know… it’s possible that I won’t have the chance to cook without local ingredients like at the time we went to the sea, right?
From now on, I’ll make sure to include other usable ingredients in my inventory such as onions and potatoes in addition to Japanese food.

“Miss Cristea. If you need anything from Bastea Company, I can provide it.”

As I sat at the kitchen table trying to figure out what to do, Sei spoke to me.

“I intended for us to help as much as we can, but we are too inexperienced in cooking, so I’d like to at least provide the ingredients.”

Sei said apologetically.
He was my guest back in the fief so I never asked him for help and he was treated as a young master from Yahatul in the Bastea Company, so he probably never even entered kitchen before, no?
Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama only specialize in eating no matter how you look at it.

“The academy will provide us with the ingredients, so there’s no need for you to provide them, Sei-sama. If you can help me with what you can do, such as setting the table, that would be more than enough.”
“All right. I’ll try to increase what I can do, little by little.”

Sei looked relieved after hearing my words.

I wouldn’t force a child who has never cooked before to help.

“We are students, so our primary concern is studying. I will only ask you what you are capable of, so you don’t need to worry.”
“Oh, but I might ask for something if I need it fast.”

I don’t think I will run out of miso and soy sauce that I bought in barrels, unless something goes really wrong, but when it comes to arranging for the unique flavors from Yahatul, I don’t know when they would arrive.
Even if I can ask the academy for resupply, I would like to have things I want when I want them.

“Ou, you can leave that to us! We will get it for you quick.”
“Yes, we will definitely deliver it to you fast and safe. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.”

Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama spoke with whole-faced smiles, but I have no doubts they are screaming in their minds: “If it’s for delicious food, then…!”

“Ahaha… I will rely on you at that time.”


Teacher Neil saw our exchange and said: “You guys get along quite well. Is it the camaraderie between fellow Sacred Beast contractors?” in admiration.
Oops, perhaps because we have known each other for a long time, I got too comfortable.

“I heard that contracted Sacred Beasts get aggressive when approached by other Sacred Beasts because of their desire to monopolize, but that does not seem to be the case. They seem to be quite attached to Miss Cristea instead.”

That’s what the Sacred Beast contracts were supposed to be.
Although they have calmed down recently, Kurogane and Mashiro had that tendency a lot before.
Byakko-sama and others took an oath to protect those who will become the next emperor of Yahatul, so they don’t seem to have these desires… that’s why they might seem more approachable.

“Ah? That’s because she will be making food for us and our Lord too, so it’s only natural to show gratitude, no? Not showing gratitude when appropriate would only bring shame to our Lord.”
“Indeed. We must show to be worthy of our Lord. It’s only natural for us to act this way.”

Heeh. I thought they were just gluttons, but they actually thought this way?

“… I see…! As I thought, the principle of the actions the Sacred Beast take depends on their contractor!”

When Teacher Neil excitedly took notes, Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama looked at me with smug smiles on their faces and winked at me.
Simultaneously, I heard: (How about that? We deceived him good, right?) Byakko-sama speaking in my head.
… I was impressed that you were acting considerate of your master, but you all ruined it!

“Cristea-sama, thank you for your patience.”

In the meanwhile, Miria returned.

“They are now carrying the ingredients to the back, so please wait a little longer.”

After saying that, Miria went to register her magical power to the back door with Teacher Neil.
Teacher Neil probably hasn’t experienced Japanese food yet, so I wonder if making a pot-au-feu would be a safe bet.
Since the bread seems tough, I could slice it into thin slices, heat it up with cheese on top.
While I was thinking about the menu and its arrangement, I quietly pulled out a clean apron from my inventory.

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