Chapter 259

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Making friends is difficult.
This is weird…?
I feel like the young ladies has kept their distance from me since then…?

The difficulty to approach me should have been removed with my smile though…

… I did not make a scary villain-like smile because of the nervousness… did I?
Ughh… I can’t even confirm “Was my smile scary?” with Oniisama…

“What’s the matter, Cristea? You don’t seem well…”

Oniisama looked at me worriedly.
Not good! I made Oniisama worry.

“No, that’s not the case. This is my first time being in a place with so many people of the same age, so I am a little bit nervous.”
“That’s right, now that you mention it. It would be nice if you could make friends on this opportunity.”
“Yes, I would like that…”

… Yes, if I could make any.

It appears that I have failed my first impressions. Since they are surrounding me from a distance like this, coming into contact with them would be difficult…

Just as I was at a loss, the young ladies started making a ruckus while looking in a certain direction.

“Kyaa! It’s His Highness Raymond.”
“Oh my, he looks wonderful as always…!”
“Now then, let’s give our New Year’s greetings!”
“Yes! Quickly!”

Prince Ray who has given his congratulations to His Majesty seems to have arrived at the hall.

The young ladies hurriedly moved towards him.
After that, only Oniisama, I and the young masters were left isolated.

… My~ even though little, they are still girls, huh.
They went towards Prince Ray with great vigor, so the rest of the boys withdrew, you know…?

“… Erm, I have to go to His Highness’ side as well… I have to do something about that crowd, you see. Cristea… would you like to greet him later after things settle?”

Oniisama proposed while flinching a little. Certainly, I don’t have the courage to jump into that crowd.

“Yes, let’s do that. It might be disrespectful of me, but please tell His Highness Raymond that I will greet him later.”
“Alright. Until then… there is a place where you can sit, so you take it easy. Don’t follow any strangers that approach you, okay?”


Oniisama reminded me of a corner with chairs and left towards Prince Ray.

… Ohh, the wall of people divided in front of Oniisama. He looks like Moses… I could hear Kyaa! shrills as Oniisama passed by. Hmm, those two are like members of an idol group…

Seeing Oniisama get gulped down by the wave of young ladies, I moved to space with chairs.


… I’m bored…

I have waited while sipping on the fruit water that I received from a waitress, but I don’t see any signs of Oniisama and Prince Ray getting out of the passionate wall. Even after the greetings were finished, the young ladies wouldn’t let them go.

The young masters also couldn’t give their greetings because of that, so they were stealing glances at me from nearby.
… They are probably thinking “How come this fellow didn’t go too?”.

Fu… I’m sorry, but don’t think that everyone wants to kyaakyaa at Prince Ray’s side.
I, who have seen Prince Ray during the summer holidays knows better than the ‘kyaa wonderful!’ young ladies.

Prince Ray certainly looks crisper in the celebration clothes adorned with the royal crest.
Yeah, anybody can look good with the right clothes.


Not good, I drank too much fruit water. I was wavering on whether to let my hands get to the food lined up on the table near the chairs, so I was drinking the fruit water in the meanwhile, but it backfired.

I asked the maid who was tidying up the used glasses to guide me, and the busy maid withdrew before I finished my business, so I returned to the assembly hall by myself… I returned, but…

“… Where is this?”

… Crap. Did I get lost?

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