Chapter 260

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Go or return, that is the question.
“… This is troubling… I wonder where I made a mistake…”

I looked around my surroundings while complaining mixed with sighs.

… Yeah, no one is here.
I seem to be thoroughly and completely lost… ugh.

I must have taken right where I should have taken left in the similar-looking corridors.

If I turn back and make a mistake again, there’s a possibility that I would get lost even more…

The iron rule when lost is not to move… however, just standing here would be a bit…
Not moving from the place works only on the premise that someone is searching for you though.

I have no choice but to wait for a maid or someone to pass by…

While restlessly looking around the corridor, a voice called out to me from behind.

“You over there. Why are you in a place like this? … N? You seem unfamiliar?”

… Yay! An adult has come! I have to ask about the way to the hall so I could return quickly!
When I turned around, a man was standing in front of me.

Uoooh? … When did he get so close?

That person was a good-looking man with golden-brown shoulder-length hair, golden eyes, with tall stature and clearly, thoroughly tempered body and his expression told me that he was looking at me with great interest.

Is he perhaps a guard? … He’s not wearing the uniform to be a guard, on the other hand, he also is not wearing celebratory clothes of the nobility… just who is he?

“… I’m a participant of the interaction party. I took a leave for little to put my appearances in order, but I got lost on my way back to the assembly hall. Excuse me, but could you tell me the way back to the… “Suspicious, eh?”
“Wha! I’m not someone suspicious! I am…!”


“…! P, pardon me…”

S, so embarrassing…!
Ugh, I want to burn with shame…
I have been drinking only the fruit water since the breakfast, so my hungry belly…! Read the mood at times like this! My stomach!

The person who nearly burst into laughter at first was now trying to hold back his laughter while pleasantly gazing at me.
Gunuu… just laugh when it’s time to laugh!

“… I don’t mind if you laugh, but I’m not a spy or anything.”
“… Bufu, ahh… sorry, sorry. I was just teasing you, so don’t mind it.”
“…? Teasing…!?”

What a shock on top of losing face!
Ugugu… there’s nothing better to do than running away now!

It’s not because I feel defeated, it’s a strategic withdrawal, alright!?

“Umm, the way to the assembly… owaa!?”
“You are hungry, right? I will let you eat something good.”
“Wha, hey!? Please put me down!”
“Now, now. Brats shouldn’t run on empty stomachs, right~?”

I got carried in the unfamiliar good-looking man’s arms and was taken to the opposite direction.

Wha, this, what is happening?
Isn’t this perhaps dangerous!?
What am I supposed to do!?

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